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3 Antioxidants Your Skin Needs

3 Antioxidants Your Skin Needs

3 Powerful Antioxidants For Healthy Skin

When it comes to fighting premature aging + keeping wrinkles and hyperpigmentation at bay, antioxidants are your best ally. Today, we’ll introduce you to the 3 most potent antioxidants that deserve to have their special place in your skincare routine (and your diet). 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is, has always been and always will be on top of our list. In fact, the whole La Mav team is obsessed with vitamin C infused products. Why? Because they work wonders! Let us tell you a bit more, though (and justify out not-so-secret obsession).

The reason why free radicals are bad for your skin is that they break down collagen, which results in loss of elasticity and formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Here is where vitamin C steps in – on the one hand, it counteracts oxidative stress and on the other – it boosts collagen synthesis. 

Another characteristic of vitamin C that makes it an absolute skin hero, is its ability to brighten the ski, reduce hyperpigmentation (both sun and age-induced) and prevent the appearance of dark spots. 

What to Try: La Mav Vit C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar

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Green Tea

Green tea (Camellia Sinensis), just like vitamin C, has been proven to effectively fight aging/hyperpigmentation and along with this, protect healthy collagen from breaking down. Since the amount of collagen in our bodies tends to decline with age, it’s essential to preserve the existing one as long as possible, in order to
postpone the appearance of the early signs of aging – loss of elasticity, wrinkle, hyperpigmentation, dull-looking skin, etc.

Another great thing about green tea is that it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal for people struggling with acne, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions, associated with frequent inflammations and increased sensitivity.

What to Try: La Mav Green Clay Detox Mask

La Mav Green Clay Detox Mask

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E (also known as Tocopherol) is a fat-soluble vitamin that comes in two forms - natural and synthetic. Since we don’t like anything that has “synthetic” in its name, we prefer to use the good old, plant-derived vitamin E (it’s just as potent as its lab-made equivalent).

There are three primary reasons why Vitamin E (or products formulated with vitamin E) should be part of your skincare routine.

First, like any other antioxidant, vitamin E protects skin cells from oxidative stress i.e reduces damage induced by free radicals. Second, vitamin E increases the effectiveness of sunscreen, therefore protects your skin from UV rays (and UV rays, as we all know, are the main culprit for premature aging). Third, it maintains the integrity of the lipid barrier, reducing water loss, which keeps your skin looking fresh, plump and glowing. Last but not least, since vitamin E is a natural preservative, it extends the shelf life of the products you are using (definitely a better choice compared to parabens, whose safety is still questionable).

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La Mav Wrinkle Smoothing Creme

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