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3 Claims Related To Melasma That Are Not True

Melasma is a
relatively common skin condition, associated with the appearance of brown
patches on the skin, known as discoloration/hyperpigmentation. The patches spread
mostly over the forehead and the cheeks but also over the jaw, upper lip, or
chin. Melasma is more common in women and according to statistics it is more
likely to affect people with olive or darker skin. Some of the things that
cause discoloration are sun exposure, hormonal changes (during pregnancy or after
hormone replacement therapy), prolonged use of topical corticosteroids as well
as some skin care products. While it is true that melasma is hard to get rid
of, it is not a “curse” and just like any other skin condition it is can be
managed with the right approach.

Before you start
treating melasma, though, it is very important to learn how to distinguish
facts from “fiction”. Today we’ll bust 3 of the most common myths related to
melasma and we hope that this article will be of help to those of you affected
by this skin condition.

Peels and Strong Acids Are
The Ultimate Solution For Melasma

While it is
true that acidic compounds exfoliate the skin and speed up the shedding of
epidermal cells, hence give fast results, they are not necessarily your best
option. Since most people lack patience, quite often, they go for more
aggressive solutions without considering the pros and cons beforehand. Later
on, this may lead to further complication, like the development of
hypersensitivity, drying of the skin, etc. i.e more problems you’ll have to treat.

On the one
hand, since chemical peels lighten the skin pretty fast, they are one the most preferred
methods for dealing with melasma. While they lighten the skin though, they also
cause it to thin, which makes it more susceptible to sun damage i.e. aging,
hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity.

The good
news are that there is a safer alternative. Skin care products, like
creams, serums and nectars, enriched with natural mils acids or
vitamin C (potent antioxidant and powerful lightening agent, with acidic nature) work
just as good as chemical peels, but need more time to deliver results. If you
have the patience to let them do their job, be sure they will help you get what
you want – more clear, brighter and even complexion.

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You Need To Apply Sunscreen Only When
It’s Sunny

This is, and
probably will always be, one of the most common misconceptions related to
sunscreen application. Regardless of whether you are struggling with melasma or
you have perfectly healthy skin,
protecting it from UV rays is essential. If
you want to reduce the harmful effects sun radiation has on your skin, applying
sunscreen every time you go outside is a must. Due to ozone depletion and
increased pollution, even on a cloudy day, when the sun is hidden behind a
thick “wall” of clouds, its rays reach the Earth surface. UV radiation is
proven to be the leading cause for
premature-aging and hyperpigmentation, so be
sure to protect your skin.

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Once You Get Rid Of Melasma, It’s

Sadly, this
is not true. Regardless of whether melasma has been caused by hormonal
imbalance, excess sun exposure, prolonged use of topical corticosteroids or you
are genetically predisposed, once you manage to get rid of it, it can return
anytime, if you don’t take good care of your skin and your body.

Don’t skip
applying sunscreen, use skin care products enriched with antioxidants and don’t
the importance of what’s on your plate. Balanced diet is the key
to a healthy body – a body where all hormonal levels are normal.
Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and ditching all foods that contain artificial
preservatives, colorants and flavor enhancers out of your grocery lists is a
good way to start. It’s up to you to make your body happy on the inside. Be
sure, that this will show on the outside!

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