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3 Homemade Cleansers Worth Trying

3 Homemade Cleansers Worth Trying

3 All-Natural DIY
Cleansers Your Skin Will Love

Today, we decided to talk to you about our recent obsession
– DIY facial cleansers!

According to beauty experts and dermatologists, cleansing is
one of the most important steps of one’s skin care routine. When you cleanse
your skin you not only purify and detoxify it, but you also prepare it for any
advanced treatments, and facilitate their absorption and
distribution in the deeper layers of the skin. A good cleanser, suitable for
your skin type and the seasons, can have a huge impact on the way your skin
looks and feels.

We’ve tried many recipes over the course of the past month,
and we’ve managed to narrow our favorite to 3 (it was tough, but we did it!)
So, if you love playing with 
homemade beauty products, and you are in the mood
for some “cooking”, join us!

Let’s “take the day off” our faces gently and naturally!

For Dry/Mature Skin

In order to stay healthy and supple, dry skin has to be
moisturized and nourished daily. Applying moisturizer every morning though, is
not the only way to get this done.

Believe it or not, while you cleanse your skin, you can
re-hydrate it and deliver important nutrients to the dermis (where the whole magic of skin regeneration happens), without having to
sacrifice the feeling of deeply purified skin.

Our favorite recipe: Homemade Honey & Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser

Why we love this
Aloe Vera is an outstanding moisturizing agent that soothes the
skin and relieves tightness and dryness. Honey is a nutrient-rich cocktail and 
potent antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, reducing the
visible signs of aging, and preventing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles
and hyperpigmentation. 
Jojoba oil gently dissolves all impurities trapped into
the pores and creates a thin protective layer, to help retain moisture levels high, for a
more glowing, soft and smooth skin.

For Oily/Combination

oily skin, without over drying or irritating it,
is not an easy task. On one hand, oily skin needs to be detoxified and purified
in depth, as it is more prone to congestion, but on the other, in order for it
to stay healthy, its lipid barrier must not be disrupted. Since oily skin is
hard to please, finding a 
gentle, yet effective cleanser is essential for
keeping it happy and 
breakout-free. Thankfully, once again, nature got you

Our favorite recipe: Detox Homemade Facial Cleanser

Why we love this

While this might not be your
typical liquid foaming cleanser (actually it’s not liquid, at all), don’t be in
a hurry to give up on it. Thanks to the perfect combo of all-natural,
skin-friendly ingredients, this cleanser works like a charm, without stripping
your skin of its natural oils!

Bentonite and caoline draw impurities out, reduce
inflammation and absorb excess oil. Activated charcoal detoxifies the skin and
pulls all pollutants out of your pores, minimizing the risk of breakouts.
Essential oils make the use of this cleanser a true pleasure, and apart from that
provide anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.

For Normal Skin

Normal skin may not be very “pretentious” when it comes to
cleansers and skin care in general, but that doesn’t mean you can use just
about anything on it. Regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing
your skin at the end of the day is a must, and should always be done with a
product that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry.

Our favorite recipe: Jojoba Oil & Rose Water Facial Cleanser

Why we love this
The main reason we have love this recipe is because it is
super simple (2 ingredients only!), yet the product does its job perfectly (it removes even waterproof makeup!).

Jojoba oil is the only vegetable oil that has structure, almost identical to the structure of the sebum your skin naturally produces.
This makes it ideal for replenishing skin’s lipid barrier, dissolving
impurities and breaking down oil-based makeup.

Rose water soothes and moisturizes the skin, enhancing its
natural radiance and beauty. It smells divine and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and
revitalized. Besides that rose water strengthens skin’s protective barrier
and improves skin’s resistance to external aggressors. What not to love about it?

Have you tried any of these recipes? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below – we’d love to hear your opinion! 


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