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3 DIY Toners Your Skin Will Love

When was the last time you’ve used a facial toner? Please,
don’t tell me you don’t remember…

Regardless of whether you skip toner, because you are
feeling lazy, or you don’t really see the point of adding
yet-another-beauty-potion to your skin care regimen, you (and your
skin) are missing a lot.

Need reasons to start
using facial toner daily? Let me give you a few:

– Toners help balance skin’s pH
– Toners remove impurities and gently exfoliate

– Toners are cool & refreshing (especially, if you store them in the

– Toners can be an excellent source of antioxidants and minerals

– Toners sooth, hydrate and revive the skin

Reasons not to use
facial toner:

– None.

Because we love DIY (praise Pinterest for providing us with
new ideas every day), we’ve gathered 3 of our favorite recipes for homemade
toners, that are easy to make, do wonders for your skin and smell divine! Try

Homemade Rose Water

If you have dry and sensitive skin, you need rose water in
your life. And when I say “you need it”, I mean you need it
right now. As someone, who’s
been struggling with allergies + sensitivity + 
dry/dehydrated skin my whole
life, I dare to claim that rose water is a real game-changer!

Rose water has the ability to instantly reduce redness and irritations,
regardless of your skin type. It helps even out the skin tone + re-hydrates on
a cellular level, to restore the natural glow of your skin. And the scent of roses…

Our Favorite Recipe: Rose Water Toner

DIY Anti-Aging Toner

When we age, our cells become weaker and more vulnerable.
They are more likely to experience damage, caused by external aggressors, which
unfortunately, presents in the form of loss of skin elasticity + dull
complexion + appearance of annoying fine lines and wrinkles.

How to counteract
With a daily dose of antioxidants, to fight the bad guys (free
radicals) off!

Antioxidants keep your cells healthy and functional. They
maintain the vitality of your skin, helping you look youthful and fresh. They
assist in vital processes that happen on a cellular level, and also protect
important structural elements, like 
collagen and elastin.

To sum it up: Your body loves antioxidants! Give it more of

And what a better way to complete your antioxidant-rich skin
care ritual, than with a toner, made with two of the best natural sources of
antioxidants – green tea and pomegranate.

Our Favorite Recipe: Homemade Toner With GreenTea & Pomegranate


Homemade Skin
Clearing Toner

Did you know that even the most potent serum and cream won’t
do much for your skin, unless the pH of your skin is balanced? pH plays a key
role in product absorption, and distribution of active ingredients. It can also
affect, in a negative way, the stability of certain compounds used in skin care
product, making them less active. I believe you already get my point – 
pH is important.

While it is true that different people have different skin
pH, it is also true that it always ranges between 4.0 and 7.0 i.e. it’s
slightly acidic. To make sure your skin’s pH is in the “healthy” acidic range,
you need… you guessed it – a toner! The one below is our favorite for 
combo/oily skin, prone to breakouts and congestion. Its primary ingredient is
grapefruit (yes, antioxidants!) and a variety of healing herbs – a true, natural
elixir of beauty.

Our Favorite Recipe: Herb-Infused Grapefruit Face Toner

What is your favorite DIY toner recipe? Share it with us in the comments below – we’d love to try it!