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3 Exotics Beauty Recipes For Hair & Skin 

We’ve already talked about 
5 well-known beauty hacks women around the world use, but this time, ladies, gather around,
because we’ll be sharing some super confidential tricks to magically transform
the appearance of your hair and your skin! Today we’ll take you to Scotland,
Japan and Australia and we’ll see how local women keep their manes shiny
and strong and their skin healthy and beautiful!

Chamomile Extract For Blonds

If you are blond you know really well that
maintaining your golden locks is a tough task – especially when you
trying to avoid harmful chemicals and spending tons of money on expensive
in-salon procedures. Thankfully, nature got you covered again! Years ago,
Scottish girls, found out that Camomile extract is wonderful for preserving the
colour of your hair longer (in case you colour it) and also for adding lustre
and golden shades to your already-gorgeously-looking-blond mane. No wonder
Scottish chicks always rock the blond hair so well!

Boil some chamomile (if you don’t have dried
herb, camomile tea bags work as well), cool it and then straining it into a
spray bottle. After you take a shower, spray it on your hair, while it is still
slight damp and style as usual.

Camellia Oil for Lustrous Locks

Thinking about changing your hair serum?
Looking for natural alternatives of the super-expensive-full-of-silicones hair
“restorative” treatments? I have the thing you are looking for – true,
multi-purpose miraculous liquid (free from
nasty chemicals!).

When applied to the hair, Camellia oil
forms a thin shield that protects the hair strand from the strong sun rays. Not
only the oil reduces UV-induced damage, preserving the protein structure of
your hair, but it also prevents water from evaporating, keeping your locks
hydrated. Being rich in fatty acids, the oil works wonders as pre-shampoo
leave-on treatment for both the scalp and the lengths. It conditions and
revives, adding incredible shine and softness to the hair. If you’ve
been wondering why Japanese women always have amazingly lustrous and sleek hair
– now you know!

Apply a few drops of Camellia oil, focusing on
the lengths and style as usual. For a deeply nourishing hair mask – massage
some in the roots of your hair, before taking a shower, leave on for 1-2 hours
and then wash with warm water (not too hot) and SLES-free shampoo.

Camellia Oil has soothing and light texture, making it the best oil nectar for oily skin and dehydrated, coarse hair. Ultra-light, this nectar is rich in skin and hair revitalizing vitamins including vitamin A, B, E and oleic acid that is easily absorbed and helps restore smoothness and elasticity. Skin appears renewed, glowing and healthy and hair is vibrant and sleek.

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Yarrow Root Extract for Stretch Mark Removal

For the mums out there, who are on a hunt
for treatment to banish stretch mark forever – try yarrow root! I’m not a mum
yet, but I have friends from the land down under who swear by it! It has
wonderful moisturizing properties and it’s been used for ages by women to keep
skin elastic and healthy. Apart from that, yarrow root has anti-inflammatory
properties and will sooth the skin, in case you have any rashes or irritated

Note: If you’re pregnant, it’s recommended to ask your
doctor/pharmacist before using any essential oils. If you are still carrying
your baby, it’s better to look for a cream that contains yarrow root

Mix a few drops of yarrow root essential oil
with any carrier oil of choice (we recommend 
Argan Oil and Hempseed oil, because both are excellent for dry, dehydrated skin) and apply on the affected areas.

Always make sure the natural oils you are buying are 100% organic! This is the ultimate guarantee that all of their wonderful properties are fully preserved!

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