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3 Useful Beauty Tips For Women With Glasses

To all ladies out there with
vision problems:
Wearing glasses shouldn’t hinder you from wearing makeup! By
no means! I know some of you may think, “But they can’t see my eyes behind my
specs, anyways..” Actually, it’s exactly the opposite – your eyes tend to be
the center of attention when you’re wearing glasses. In other words – if you wear glasses, makeup is your best friend. Today we’ll give you some tips on how
to “rock any frame” and make your eyes pop beautifully!

Play Up Your Brows

I am a huge fan of glasses with
thick bold frames. And boy, I am glad that the “hipster” look became popular
because vintage specs are my favorite! The only problem I have with them is
that they overpower my brows. How I deal with this? My solution is super simple
– whenever I’m wearing thick frames, I play up my brows more than I normally do
in order to make them more visible. The rule is:
The thicker the frames, the bolder the brows.

For thin frames, it is 
recommended to use eyebrow color that is one shade lighter than your brows
and apply the product sparingly for a more natural look.

When wearing thick frames, you
can go for both lighter and darker shades, depending on how bold you want your
eyebrows to look. If you go for a lighter shade, apply more of the product in
order to make your brows stand out. Finish the look with a cat-eye, using gel
eyeliner, for classy-and-sexy look. If you have more time, the smoky eye is
also an option.


Don’t Skimp on Blush and Lipstick

I mentioned earlier that when
you wear glasses, your eyes get most, if not all, the attention. Nevertheless,
let’s not forget that your beautiful cheekbones and your juicy lips also
deserve to be shown to the world. Here is when blush and 
lipstick come to help
to enhance your natural beauty and complete your look.

The basic rule for flawless
blush application is the following:
 smile so your cheeks pop out and apply
gently with a less dense brush, then blend until the color is distributed

On the other hand, having your
eyeglasses on is the time when you are allowed to bring out those bold colored
lipsticks that you’ve been hiding in your makeup stash because you felt it was
too much for your “day face”. To finish the gorgeous look, apply some tinted
lip treatment – it will enhance the color of your lipstick, add glossiness and
nourish your lips.

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Highlight Under Your Eyes

The frames of your glasses can
cast a shadow under your eyes and make them look sunken and tired. To counter
this unwanted shadow, apply concealer under your eyes. Since the skin under our
eyes is very delicate, I’d recommend going for liquid formula (preferably 
mineral makeup) – one that glides
on easily. Apply the concealer by placing “dots” under the eye, then, by patting
very gently, spread the product evenly. Lastly, set with a translucent powder
for a long lasting finish throughout the day. Rocking glasses is not so hard, isn’t it?

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