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Top 3 Natural Body Oils for Dry Skin

Until recently, the idea of applying pure oils to your face was not accepted by most women. Today, however, facial oils are among the most demanded beauty products on the market. Promising to deliver everything from wrinkle-reduction and firmness to antioxidant-boost and anti-acne benefits, facial oils seem to be the new big thing in the beauty world. 

If you are new to facial oils and your primary concern is dry/lacklustre/flaky skin - this post is for you! 


Here are Top 3 Natural Oils for dry skin

Let us introduce you to 3 of our favourite organic facial oils that will transform your skin from dry and lifeless to supple and radiant.


1. Argan Oil

If your skin is severely dry and dehydrated and you'd like to restore its lit-from-within glow, argan oil is your best bet!

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree and is well-known for its outstanding anti-aging and skin reviving properties. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidant, Argan oil promotes collagen synthesis (improving skin’s elasticity), hydrates in depth and replenishes skin's protective lipid barrier. Be preserving the integrity of the lipid barrier of the skin, argan oil prevents moisture loss and ensures skin looks plump and glowing. Since argan oil is pretty lightweight, it penetrates the skin with ease delivering important nutrients where they are most needed. 


2. Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil is a lightweight natural oil that melts into the skin quickly, without leaving any residue, therefore can be used even by those of you with oily/combo skin.

What's unique about Macadamia oil though, is its composition. The high amount of fatty acids and natural vitamin E, makes Macadamia oil and excellent ally in the fight with dryness, dehydration and dull complexion. The oil repairs, nourishes and hydrates, while offering a potent shield against free-radicals.


3. Rosehip Oil

Apart from the high vitamin C content, Rosehip oil also has superb moisturizing properties, which make it a great pick for dry skin that has lost its vitality. Vitamin C plays a key role in the synthesis of collagen, brightens the complexion and diminishes spots and blemishes. The essential fatty acids found in rosehip oil replenish the skin, hydrate and protect, to give your complexion an instant glow boost. Last but not least, rosehip oil is believed to have retinol-like activity when applied topically (without the side effects of retinol), which means it's the perfect ally for keeping wrinkles at bay.