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3 Natural Oils to Help you Get Rid of Acne

Oils for acne prone skin? Are you
serious? It sounds like donuts for weight loss. You gotta be kiddin’ me!

Well, I am
not. In fact, I am pretty serious about it. Though it may seem quite odd to
some of you, oils can be your best ally in the fight with 
acne and excess sebum
production (as you know, usually, both go hand in hand) if you pick the right
ones for your specific skin concerns and also – If you learn to use these
magical potions the right way. Allow me tell you a bit more.

Jojoba Oil

Let’s start
with the most common problem all acne sufferers share – overproduction of
sebum. Excess oil makes your skin feel sticky, adds unwanted
not-so-healthy-looking shine and attracts more dirt and impurities – the least
thing you need, when you have acne. Not to mention that if you manage to keep
the makeup you’ve applied on your face in the morning, for more than 2-3 hours,
you consider it a “lucky day”.

If you have
any of the above mentioned concerns, I’d strongly recommend you to turn to
nature, because the solution lies there. 
Jojoba oil is the only oil that is
almost identical, as structure and properties, to the sebum your skin produces.
This means, that when you apply it, your skin is tricked into “thinking” it has
already produced enough sebum, thus it starts secreting less than it usually
does. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? You can add Jojoba oil to your daily
moisturizer (if you use a lighter one) or apply it before bed. It doesn’t clog
pores and leaves a nice, silky smooth feeling. Magical elixir, I am telling

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Hemp Seed Oil

According to
some studies, 
acne-prone skin is characterized by low levels of lanoleic acid.
Lanoleic acid deficiency leads to production of thicker sebum that is more
likely to clog your pores and lead to formation of blackheads and whiteheads.
The easiest way to restore the balance, as you can guess, is to pick oils that
are rich in lanoleic acid – 
Hemp seed Oil contains approximately 60%! It is
relatively light, which means that it will soak into your skin fast, without
leaving greasy residues. Hemp seed oil hydrates very well, reduces post-breakout
redness, improves skin’s elasticity and has comedogenic rating of 0! You can
use it as both moisturizer and cleanser (read more about the oil cleansing
method here).

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Tamanu Oil

What bothers
most people that suffer from acne are not the pimples (because they come and go)
but the marks they leave on the skin once they are gone. Scars, dark spots,
hyperpigmentation and uneven skin surface are among the “great memories” your
blemishes leave you with, once you manage to get rid of them. When it comes to
skin regeneration, there is one oil that I absolutely worship – 
Tamanu Oil!
Apart from it anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties,
Tamanu oil promotes new tissue formation, accelerates wound healing and stimulates
cell division (more new cells = healthier skin). You can use it as main
ingredient in 
DIY face masks or as nightly restorative skin treatment, since it
is heavier, compared to Jojoba oil and Hemp seed oil, thus it needs more time
to be fully absorbed. 

PS: Don’t mind
the strong nutty smell Tamanu oil has – it’s totally worth putting up with it. This oil is ah-ma-zing!

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In conclusion I’d like to add a few
things that are, in my opinion, very important when it comes to using oils:

  • Always buy 100% pure organic oils! This
    way you can be sure your skin will get the best (without 
    nasty “additions” that
    no one needs i.e preservatives, fragrances and god-knows-what-more)
  • Make sure to store the oils in a cool
    place, away from direct sunlight, in order to preserve their characteristics/properties
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly, to
    avoid build ups of dead skin cells and insure better absorption.

Most importantly – learn to love your
skin and take good care of it! The results won’t be late!

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