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3 Plant Oils With Natural SPF

3 Plant Oils With Natural SPF

3 Plant Oils To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Though we
adore spending time outdoors, soaking warmth and energy from the sun, we also
know that excess sun exposure and skipping sun protection are the leading
causes for premature aging – in particular, the so called, photo aging. UV rays (to be exact UVA) are such strong mutagens that they can alter the structure of your skin after just
a few hours of exposure (unprotected). Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Just as scary
as the ingredient list of most mass-market sunscreens – products that on the
one hand promise to protect you from melanoma (sun-induced cancer) but on the
other, are so filled with harmful chemicals, that actually make you wondering
how to get your daily dose of vitamin D and
the sun-kissed, golden glow you desire so much, without putting your health at
Thankfully, once again, nature has the answer to your question. Today we’ll
tell you a bit more about 3 wonderful plant oils that can protect your skin
from the sun – naturally!

Wheatgerm Oil

First on our
list is the oil extracted from the “heart” of the wheat kernel – Wheatgerm oil,
with the impressive SPF 20! As probably some of you know, wheat germ is the
most nutrient-rich part of the wheat and it’s like a super-recharging-cocktail
of ultra-beneficial substances that are sure to make your skin feel & look amazing! The SPF is attributed
partially to the high content of powerful antioxidants (
vitamin E included)
along with vitamins like A, D and B, that not only reduce oxidative stress caused
by UV rays, but also nourish your skin and help is stay healthy and resistant
to external damage, preserving its integrity and 

Note: Just like any other vegetable oil,
if not stored properly, Wheatgerm oil can go rancid. Always make sure to store
your oils away from direct sunlight and at temperature below 25°C.
Besides that, don’t forget that
organic is the way to go!”
. Buying certified organic plant oils is the best
guarantee that that their properties are fully preserved!

Hempseed Oil

Not only
Hempseed oil is my recent favorite, because of its amazing skin healing and
restorative properties, but it also offers SPF 6! One more reason to love it so much! The structure of
hempseed oil closely resembles the one of the natural body lipids, making it ideal
for restoring damaged skin, healing tissues and maintaining the integrity of skin’s
hydro-lipid barrier. Thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids,
Hempseed oils is a great pick for people struggling with eczema, dermatitis and
other skin conditions, associated with
 dryness, itchiness and irritations.

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Jojoba Oil

Even though
Jojoba oils has relatively low SPF (4 to be exact), still it’s way better than sunscreens
that contain 
Retinyl Palmitate, Oxyenzone and Nanoparticles. Jojoba oil soaks
into the skin with ease and doesn’t leave any greasy residues. Apart from that
it’s wonderful for acne-prone/oily skin because it has composition similar to
the composition of the sebum your skin naturally produces. It doesn’t clog
pores, has waxy like properties (thus preserves water from evaporating, keeping
your skin hydrated and glowing) and last but not least – lubricates the skin
and makes it baby-soft! If you are planning to spend an hour or two out and
about, Jojoba oil can work for you, just as good as any other commercially
available moisturizer with SPF up to 15. Jojoba oil is also very stable, which
means it doesn’t go rancid in a few months, like many other vegetable oils.

PS: We do not claim that these oils would work for
everyone, and if you have fair complexion/suffer from hyperpigmentation or you
spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, you might need higher SPF. Still, don’t
forget to read the labels and do some research on the safety of the ingredients
in your personal care products if you want to keep your body clean and healthy!

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