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3 Rules Makeup Artists Never Break

3 Basic Tips for Flawless Makeup Application

Like every other profession, makeup artistry has its general rules, and all who practice it try to abide by them. While transforming ordinary women, into red-carpet goddesses is not something all of us can do, there are some simple, easy-to-follow rules we can stick to that are sure to help us look our best every day.

Want to learn some tricks of the trade? Today we’ll share with you 3 rules makeup artists never break.

Clean Brushes

If your blush looks patchy and uneven, chances are your blush brush needs some urgent cleansing. Quite often, applying products with dirty brushes is the reason why we end up with makeup that is far from perfect.

According to the industry gurus, the first step to flawless makeup application is working with clean tools. Not only dirty brushes trap impurities and serve as a field for bacteria growth, increasing the risk of unwanted breakouts, but they can seriously screw up your makeup. Believe it or not, even the best products on the market are not going to perform as well as they do, if you don’t apply them with clean brushes.

Pro tip: If you apply makeup daily, it is recommended to cleanse your brushes every week. If you want to learn more about makeup brushes (how to choose, use, and maintain them) you can visit this page.

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Start with Primer

I bet that most of you are thinking that primers are just another fancy product that marketers are trying to sell to you, because they know you are a woman, and you are (slightly) obsesses with buying skincare and makeup (raise your hand if you are in the same boat as me!).

According to makeup artists "Primers are an absolute must for anyone who wants their makeup to look perfect, and to last all day." We couldn’t agree more.

Primers are designed to help makeup stay in place all day long + they are enriched with moisturizing ingredients to help hydrate and smooth out the skin, so you can achieve a flawless finish with ease. Primers also minimize pores, control unwanted shine and facilitate makeup application, in general. Definitely not a product you’d want to skip.

Remeber that not all primers are created equal. It may take you some time to find the right one for you, but once you find it, you'll see a tremendous difference in the longevity of your makeup. 

Pro tip: Use a small amount of product and start in the centre of the face, working your way out. Apply with fingertips or with a sponge. In case you have very dry/dehydrated skin, start with moisturizer, and then follow with a primer. 

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Don’t Go Overboard with Shimmer

A highlighter is the best product for illuminating the skin and making it look dewy and fresh. But be careful – it can be a double-edged sword.

We love when our highlight is poppin’, but we’d rather not have large pores, fine lines and imperfections poppin’ along with it, right?

Shimmer has the ability to attract light, therefore accentuate imperfection. So be careful, where and how much you apply. It's better to stick to the rule "Less is more". 

Pro tip: When applying highlighter, avoid the areas of your face that have more texture, and focus on those you want to make more prominent. After all, makeup is not about covering imperfect, but instead – accentuating the beautiful and making it stand out. 

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