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Easy & Effective Ways To Boost Hair Growth

Having gorgeously looking, long hair is every girl’s dream and we are willing to do
literally everything to make it come true.

I believe you will agree, that quite often, we are more than ready to invest loads
of money and spend countless hours at the hair salon, just to see ourselves
turning into true mermaids. Sadly, the speed your hair grows at is not
something you have much control over. But, hey – I didn´t say there is
nothing you can do! There are some
simple tricks and techniques (no expensive products involved, I promise) that
can actually contribute to boosting hair growth and reviving your locks.

the amount of hair follicles is genetically predetermined and ¨re-growing¨ new
follicles is simply impossible, taking
good care of your scalp and delivering nutrients to ensure proper protein
synthesis can improve significantly the way your tresses look and even speed up
the hair growth process. 
Let´s see how!


Vitamin E & Sweet
Almond Oil

First and foremost we have to pay
attention to the scalp, because well-nourished skin is one of the main
predispositions for healthy hair. Since the growth directly depends on the
condition of our scalp, nourishing it from the outside is an easy way to boost
hair growth and with persistence we can see great results.

One of the most popular oils, proven to
strengthen the scalp and promote growth (due to high concentration of vitamin A
& B + omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids) is Almond Oil. Almond oil strengthens the fair follicle, making the
new hair that’s coming out
healthier and more resistant to external damage.


For even better results I always
recommend adding Vitamin
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which reduces hair
loss, by protecting the hair follicle cells from aggressive environmental
factors. Apart from that Vitamin E increases capillary
growth, therefore improving the oxygenation of the skin.

The best way to use both oils is in
proportion 3:1 (3 parts 
Sweet Almond Oil and 1 part Vitamin E Oil). Apply the mixture
on your scalp, massage gently for a few minutes and leave for 1 hour. You can
put a shower cap, to warm up the scalp – this way the skin will absorb more
precious nutrients from the oils. Finally, wash your hair as per usual, using a
gentle SLES-free shampoo.

When you buy natural oils, always make sure you choose 100% organic – this is the ultimate guarantee that their qualities are fully preserved!
Organic plant oils are free of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones and will not pollute your body!


Massage to Improve
Blood Circulation


Massaging your scalp is probably the most effective and easy
way to revive your locks, enhance the 
strength of the roots of your hair and
condition the skin without spending a dime. Since the nutrients needed for protein synthesis circulate in our bloodstream, making sure that enough
blood reaches the scalp is crucial for speeding up hair growth. Increased blood
flow to the hair follicles means increased nutrient intake. The massage should
be deep and slow, not aggressive, because by rubbing to harshly you risk doing
more damage than good.

Combining the application of natural plant oils with a nice, soothing scalp
massage will double the benefits for your hair. Also – if you want, you can add 1-2
drops of your favourite essential oil to the mixture and make this beauty
ritual even more relaxing.


Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair

Just like the skin, our hair needs its
vitamins and minerals to stay 
shiny and healthy. Living a balanced life, reducing
the amount of stress and trying not to deprive yourself of essential nutrients,
is the key to speeding up hair growth and improving the overall condition of
your locks. Some of the foods known to stimulate hair growth are salmon and
eggs (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids), lean meat, beans, and lentils (great source
of iron) and sweet potatoes (loaded with beta carotene – precursor of Vitamin


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