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4 Common Myths about Facial Oils

4 Common Myths about Facial Oils

4 Claims About Facial Oils That Are NOT True

since we were pimply adolescents, we were taught that facial oils are skin’s
worst enemy. Oils were to blame for everything – from clogged pores and
blemishes to allergic reactions. However, it turns out that everything we knew,
or thought we knew, about facial oils is totally wrong.

judging by the rising trend of the use of vegetable oils in skin care, it looks
like they are here to stay. And for a good reason – plant oils are actually
awesome for your skin!

But they feel heavy on the skin and
they break me out…


you are unsure whether natural oils are worth the hype, let us convince you
they are by debunking 4 of the most common myth related to their use.

Facial Oils Clog Pores and Cause

is not surprising that the first thing that comes to our minds when we hear
facial oils is “pimples and shiny skin”.
would you even think about putting oils on an already oily skin, covered with
Well, truth be told, if you have acne prone skin, plant oils may be exactly what your skin needs…

produces its own natural oil called sebum. Sebum’s primary role is to keep our
skin moisturized and to protect it from aggressive external factors. When we
strip the sebum away (by using harsh 
sulfate loaded cleanser or toners
formulated with alcohol) our skin tries to compensate this loss by producing even
more sebum, which ultimately leads to hyperactive sebaceous glands i.e. oily
skin. Introducing vegetable oils into your skin care regimen can reverse these
changes and help your achieve clear and healthy skin.

Struggling with acne? Do you know that there are incredibly effective natural and organic ingredients that are powerful enough to heal your skin and purify it in depth, leaving it fresh, soft and glowing?

La Mav Purify and Clean Range is designed to prep, cleanse and exfoliate combination, oily or normal skin types. It effectively cleanses, detoxes, exfoliates and purifies without stripping sebum (sebum is your body’s natural skin protection). Our Purify & Clean range is formulated with potent ingredients to achieve balance in blemish-prone skin without the harshness of strong chemicals, leaving you with fresh, clean skin without excessive dryness.

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course, there are always exceptions to any rule. There are indeed oils that can
cause breakouts, but only if they are not the right ones for you. What matters
when it comes to getting the most suitable oil for your skin type is the ratio
of lanoleic to oleic acid. Since acne sufferers often have low levels of
lanoleic acid in the skin surface lipids their skin produces sebum with altered
composition – it’s much thicker, thus more likely to clog pores and cause
breakouts. Therefore, to restore the balance what you need is oils that are
rich in lanoleic acid. If this sounds confusing – 
here are 3 of the best natural oils for acne-prone skin. Not only they will balance sebum production,
but will also suppress bacteria growth and minimize breakouts.

Facial Oils Can’t Really Penetrate The

has been thought for a long time that water based moisturizers are better for
the skin than oils. Facial oils are lipophilic, which is Greek stands for
‘fat-friendly’. What this means is that
facial oils have the ability to pass through the lipid layer of our skin just
as good as your favourite moisturizer. They are not just absorbed more easily, but
they also form a thin layer that minimizes the evaporation of water (no more
dehydrated skin!) thanks to the high content of omega fatty acids.

an enhanced effect, try using your moisturizer or serum together with oils.
Moisturizers provide hydration, while oils keep it locked in your skin. Besides,
some oils (known as carrier oils) are actually able to improve the absorption
of nutrients i.e. all the goodness from your serum/cream will penetrate in
depth where it can work its magic on cellular level.

but not least, because natural oils are rich in 
antioxidants they play crucial
role in the fight with free radicals that are responsible for premature aging. In
other words – applying plant oils daily is a great natural way to keep wrinkles
at bay.

Always look
for cold-pressed oils and make sure they are 100% organic – this is the
ultimate guarantee that their qualities are fully preserved!

La Mav Pure Oil Therapy Range offers a variety of carefully selected, pure, organic, cold-pressed plant oil that are going to transform the appearance of your skin naturally!

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Facial Oils Are Suitable Only For The Winter

soon as the temperatures start to rise, our skin appears sweaty and shiny,
particularly in the T-zone. The first thing we usually ditch is oils or any
products with oily texture, thinking that they are too heavy for the summer
months and that they won’t let our skin breath. Wrong.

are many lightweight oils (like 
Rosehip oil and Camellia oil) that get
instantly absorbed, leaving no residue on the skin. The only thing they leave
behind is beautiful glowing complexion (
looks especially great in the summer).

even better is that 
many oils have natural SPF, hence they will not only
nourish and hydrate your skin, but will also protect it from the harmful UV

Facial Oils Are Bad Idea For People
With Oily Skin

your skin is so oily that you “shine like a star” daily, we understand that it
is tempting to 
scrub it with soaps and alcohol-based cleansers. It seems all
but logical to put more oil onto it, right? Well, in fact, plant oils are
exactly what your skin needs in order to restore its balance.

we’ve mentioned above, when you use aggressive products you stress your skin
out which makes your sebaceous glands go crazy. Fatty acids found in natural
oils not only strengthen and nourish but also normalize sebum production and
help you achieve shine-free skin.

Do you use any facial oils? What is
your favorite facial oil and why? Tell us in the comments below!

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