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Debunking 4 Of The Most
Common Hair Myths

From putting
egg yolks, honey, caviar and oats (who would even think of oats?!) to ridiculously
expensive in-salon treatments, we are ready to try virtually anything just to
get the hair we dream of – healthy, long, sleek and shiny.

I know there
are many hair-care junkies out there (I am one of them, myself) and I know that
we are willing to experiment with every recipe/mask/DIY treatment the internet
offers to make our locks stronger, shinier and longer. Are all these
experiments worth investing time and money into? Is your hair going to grow
faster if you trim it every two weeks? Can you really reverse the damage you’ve
done with heat styling? Let’s debunk together 4 of the most common myths
related to hair!

You Can Make Your Hair Grow Faster

While it is
true that you can 
strengthen your hair, by taking good care of
your scalp and eating healthy, none of these will affect much the speed your
hair grows at. How fast our hair grows is, to a great extent, predetermined by the
genes we carry. The average hair growth rate per month is approximately 1.25
cm, depending on your race, gender, age and even the season (your locks grow
faster in the summer).

because having long hair is the dream of almost every woman, we
constantly experiment (and secretly hope it would work), trying to achieve our
goal – Barbie’s hair.

I know that
we all dream of long, luscious locks, but we have to be realistic. Neither
investing in expensive treatments at the hair salon, nor applying egg yolk (or
any other “growth boosting” home remedy) will do the magic trick of turning you
into a mermaid in a month.

trims, are another popular “method” for speeding up hair growth, but sadly it
is yet another myth. Your hair grows from the root and cutting the ends will
not affect in any way how fast your hair cells divide i.e. how fast they build
up to form a longer hair strand.

Damaged Hair Can Be Restored Fully
With Hair Care Products

If you abuse
thermal styling and/or bleach/dye your hair on regular basis don’t expect from
any conditioner/mask/miraculous hair treatment, to revert the damage you have
done – at least, not completely.

The proteins
that build up our body are very interesting molecules. They can change the way
they look, behave and function, by breaking bonds that predetermine their
conformation in space – the so called process of “denaturation”. Denaturation
can be reversible and irreversible, depending on the how strong the external
factors are and how long they were acting over the protein molecule.

If the hair
fibers (which are made of protein, as you probably know) get damaged, there is
not much you can do to restore their structure. Just like when you’re frying
egg whites – once cooked i.e. once denaturated, they cannot go back to their
initial state. Pretty much the same happens with your hair.

hair care products are supposed to do in cases when denaturation is irreversible, is
to maintain your hair as healthy as possible and protect it from further
damage. Even if your hair feels softer and looks shinier, after applying hair
serum or mask, this effect is temporary i.e. these products simply mask the bad
condition you hair is in, while the new, healthy hair is growing.

Bottom line:

Unfortunately, the only solution for severely damaged hair is… a pair of

don’t get me wrong – I am not saying throw away all of your hair care products.
If formulated well, hair care products hydrate, protect and strengthen your
hair. Just don’t expect them to do miracles. And put the straightening iron
aside – your curls are prettier than you think! Besides that – messy hair is
the hottest trend now!

Shampoos That Lather A Lot Are Better
For Your Hair

No-No! If your shampoo lathers a lot, this
usually means it’s full of SLS/SLES.

SLS and SLES are components that dissolve lipids i.e. literally strip your skin and your
hair off their natural oils. Not only they dehydrate your scalp (unhealthy
scalp = unhealthy hair), but also disrupt the normal production of sebum,
making your sebaceous glands go crazy. Wondering why you end up with greasy
roots 2 days after you’ve washed your hair? Look at the ingredient list of your
shampoo! The explanation behind this phenomenon is simple – when our scalp is
dehydrated it tries to compensate the lack of moisture by increasing the
production of sebum, which ultimately leads to more and more oil building up in
the roots of our hair.

problem with SLS and SLES is that they also dehydrate the hair strand itself, making
your locks look brittle and unhealthy. (
here are some tips for shiny hair you can try)

If you
are already struggling with hair that gets greasy on the second day after
you’ve washed it, try 
natural plant oils – they work wonders for restoring the
balance of your scalp. As controversial as it may sound (applying oils on
already oily hair), vegetable oils moisturize and nourish the skin in depth,
which makes your sebaceous glands produce less oil. 

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You Can Make Your Hair Thicker

More voluminous, yes, but thicker – well, you can’t. How thick your hair strands are is another genetically pre-determined characteristic of your hair that you simply cannot change.

If your diet is poor in protein (the building blocks of hair) it’s highly likely that your hair will become weaker and thinner. However, just by munching on eggs and nuts, don’t expect to turn into Cher in a few weeks.

The thickness of your hair depends also on your race, gender and age. With the years passing our hair tends to get thinner and weaker and this, even with the healthiest diet, is almost impossible to avoid. The reason is simple – as we grow older, all processes in our body slowdown, which includes the protein synthesis. The less protein your body makes, the thinner your hair is and the slower it grows.

If your hair dresser is trying to sell you treatments promising to plump up your hair strands, with some new-age, high-tech molecular inventions don’t trust him – your hair is as thick as it is, and there is no miraculous serum/mask potent enough to change that.

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