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4 Hair Products You Can Make At Home

4 Hair Products You Can Make At Home

4 DIY Hair Care Products You Need To Try!

After playing with some 
remarkably good face masks last
week, we’ve decided to pay attention to our hair care routine and revamp it a
bit, with some homemade products – 100% natural and free of 
hard-to-pronounce synthetic ingredients, of course. In this post, we’d like to share with you 4
of our favorite DIY recipe, so you can easily prepare substitutes for the most
widely used hair care products, that I believe, already have their special place in your

DIY Sea Salt/Texturizing Spray

Beach waves have been a thing for several years now, and the
“effortlessly beauty”
(essential part of which are beach waves)
is definitely here to stay. Beach waves instantly make us look like gorgeous mermaid,
by giving us fresh, summery vibe, regardless of the season. And what’s the
best way to achieve messy, naturally looking beach waves? Sea salt spray, of course!

Believe it or not, sea salt sprays (a.k.a. texturizing
sprays) are the easiest to prep at home, compared to other hair products we use
on a daily basis. What’s more – when you make your own DIY sea salt spray you
can infuse it with additional 
hair-loving ingredients, transforming it from a
plain styling product into a divine hair-healing elixir.

Find the Recipe Here

Homemade Hair
Strengthening Serum

Damaged hair is an issue we all struggle with at some point
in our life – be is because we’ve done the transition from dark brown to
platinum blond in a day, or because we are addicted to our hair straightener,
or because we’ve been enjoying the beach, without wearing a hat to protect our
precious locks. Reasons can be different. The solution is always one, though –
deep nourishment and hydration, in order to restore the lost moisture and
replenish the hair.

As someone with long, thick hair, the product I can’t live
without is a good, hair serum. I find it to be especially helpful, when my hair
looks dry/brittle/lifeless and need express help. A good hair serum 
boosts shine and facilitates styling + delivers nutrients and precious constituents,
to allow the hair to regenerate fully and be bouncy, lustrous and healthy again.
The serum below does it all – you can have my word for it.

Find the Recipe Here

DIY Coconut Hair

Did you know that most mass market hair conditioners are
filled with 
silicones that provide temporary softness and shine, but do nothing
for your hair, in terms of strengthening and restoration? When I found out that
my beloved (at that time) hair conditioner is helping me fake “healthy hair”, instead
of helping me achieve it, I admit I was a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, that
disappointment made me research my options and ask myself
“Why not try to make my own conditioner? Shouldn’t be so hard..”
And so I did. And you know what – it turned out great!

Find the Recipe Here

Homemade Dry Shampoo

Nowadays, dry shampoo is true life savior for so many women,
that I bet it’s the next most used beauty item after 
BB creams (because who
doesn’t love 
a good multi-tasking BB cream?). Dry shampoo is lazy-girl’s best
friend + holy grail item for busy business ladies and moms, who don’t want to let
maternity take over their life, and are dead set to look fab no matter how
sleep-deprived/low-on-time they are.

Sounds great, but having in mind the fact that dry shampoo
is a product you use daily, it can be serious threat to your wallet. In regard
to this, I am offering you one all-natural, super-easy recipe, so you can make your own dry shampoo at home and save some coins. You can thank
me later J

Find the Full Here

What is your favorite DIY beauty recipe? Share it with us in the comments below – we’d love to try it!

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