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4 Products To Try, If You Have Oily Skin

The most common mistake
people with oily skin make, is that they try to combat the problem, instead of finding the underlying cause and revising their skin care routine.

Because we know that many
women, of all ages, struggle with oily skin and frequent breakous, our primary
goal has always been to point them in the right direction and help them balance
their skin naturally.

Today, we’d like to share
with you our Holy Grail products for oily skin and explain why we think they
are game-changers.

pH Balancing Toner

Using a toner is not a
must and may seem like an unnecessary extra step to some, but if your sebaceous
glands “don’t behave well”, a well-formulated, natural/organic toner can improve
the condition of your skin significantly.

The best toners for oily
skin are those that have mild astringent and pH balancing properties, because 
the pH balance of your skin is directly related to the function of the
sebum-secreting glands. Once your skin’s pH is normalized, you’ll notice that
oil production has been reduced as well.

Note: Avoid toners that contain alcohol! While it is true that alcohol
dissolves oils with ease, it is also true that it has drying effect on the
skin, which in the long run actually worsens the problem with sebum

What to Try: Purifying Toner

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Hydrating Serum

Though serums are products
that compliment your skin care regimen, that doesn’t mean, you can’t use them
alone. Serums are perfect for people with oily skin, because they sink into the
skin immediately after application. Serums enriched with 
hyaluronic acid restore moisture levels and keep your skin elastic and firm, without clogging
pores and/or causing breakouts.

What to Try: Hyaluroinic Acid Hydra Max Serum

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Gentle Cleanser

If there is one thing all
people with oily skin have in common, that would be their affection for super-ultra-lathering
cleansers that leave the skin “squeaky clean”. The issue with the so called
“squeaky clean” feeling is that even though it feels nice, it is actually a
sign that your skin has been stripped off its natural oils.

No “skin crime” is left
unpunished, though. When you use harsh cleanser and you over-dry your skin, our
sebaceous glands go haywire and start producing even more oil, to compensate
for the loss of sebum.

To break the vicious
circle, opt for 
sulfate-free cleansers that are gentle on the skin. Believe it
or not, cleansers that don’t lather like bath foam can perform just as good. 

What to Try: Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser

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Facial Scrub

As we all know, oily skin
is usually more prone to breakouts that dry/combo skin. The reason for this is
that the layer of sebum that coats the skin slows down the natural shedding of
epidermal cells. Once these dead cells mix with the sebum, they start trapping
more impurities. Eventually, this “mix” of sebum, epidermal cells and dirt,
clogs your pores and leads to the appearance of pimples.

Here is where a good
facial scrub comes in. 
When you exfoliate the skin, you remove the dead cells
that build up on the skin surface, along with impurities trapped in your pores.
Regular exfoliation will 
boost skin’s glow, smooth out skin surface and ensure flawless makeup application.

What to Try: Cranberry Bio Exfoliating Scrub

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