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4 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

4 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

Morning Beauty Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

It’s 6:30
Wake up! Time to make some coffee/tea, prepare breakfast for the kids, answer
some emails, walk the dog, do some yoga, take a shower, get dressed, put some
makeup… oops, you are running late, no time for makeup. Not again…

If all this
sounds familiar to you, read on! We’ll share with you the best time-saving beauty
hacks that are sure to make your life way easier. With these simple tricks you
will look your best during the day, even when you have limited time and your
mornings are super busy.

Express Hydration For Dewy Looking

activities of my morning routine go in this order: brush my teeth > do some
stretching > take a shower. In order to give my skin a boost of hydration, I
moisturizing facial mask right after I am done brushing my teeth. While I
try to wake my body up with some exercises the mask is working her magic. Once I
finish with stretching, all I need to do is wash the mask off, under the

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If I am having an extra busy morning, my ultimate time-savior, that
gives my face a nice, healthy glow, is my absolute favorite – 
rose water 
facial mist that soothes irritations, reduces redness, evens the skin tone and leaves
my skin feeling happy and looking great.

What To Try: DNA Phyto-Guard Pink Clay Mask


La Mav’s DNA Phyto Guard Mask is antioxidant-rich mask that re-hydrates the skin while gently exfoliating to reveal a radiant and evenly-toned complexion! The Mask is formulated with Pink Clay and Moringa Seed Extract to absorb impurities and deeply cleanse the pores, withdraw toxins, and leave the skin smooth and purified. The restorative powers of Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn and Acai Oil in this mask increase moisture-retention and skin suppleness.

Get It Here

Style Your Hair In Advance

Have you
even tried doing your hair the night before? If you worry that the results may
not be satisfying, trust me – you’d be surprised! A bit of texturizing spray (homemade
sea salt spray works great!) + two braids and the next day you wake up looking
like a mermaid – beautiful boho waves that you can wear either loose or in a
messy bun (hint: when your hair is wavy/curly it always looks more voluminous, and
so does the bun).

Pinterest is
full of easy-to-follow tutorials and you can find many ideas for hairstyles
that do not require time or effort.


Buy Multitasking Products

Even though
primer + foundation + setting powder + blush is my preferred makeup combo, I
don’t always have time to go through all of these beauty items. If in the
morning, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your face, why not simplify your
beauty routine? A good, organic BB cream and some mascara are more than enough to
give you confidence and to make you feel feminine and comfortable in your own
skin. Basically, 
BB creams do it all – they even the skin tone, cover minor
imperfections, provide light to medium coverage, reduce redness (or at least
make it less visible), 
add radiance to the face and last but not least –
protect and moisturize. The best part is – applying a BB cream takes less than
one minute!


Tinted lip treatments are another great multi-tasking product that is basically lip balm, lip gloss and
lip stick in one. Tinted lip treatments nourish the lips, give a hint of color and create a very nice,
glossy finish (some even have 

What To Try: La Mav Organic BB Cream


La Mav Organic BB Crème is the ultimate multi-tasker and must have product for your makeup bag. Apart from being the perfect colour-balancing makeup base, La Mav Organic BB Crème also provides strong anti-ageing benefits and natural protection from the sun, all whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. 

Get It Here


Natural Remedy For “Bad Hair” Days

Waking up
with frizzy, unruly hair? Put a few drops of 
Jojoba oil in your palms, rub them together and distribute evenly. Jojoba oil coats the hair
shaft, thanks to its waxy-like properties, keeping your hair hydrated, 
shiny and sleek. The thin protective layer it forms, doesn’t allow humidity to enter the
hair strand which helps reduce frizz during the day. What’s even better is that jojoba
prevents the appearance of split ends and increases your hair’s resistance
to external damage. Oh, and it’s 100% natural! 

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