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Get Rid Of Stress & Find Inner Peace With Karen Wilson

Meditation teacher at 
Awaken Meditation Retreats and author of 3 books, Karen Wilson is definitely an inspiring figure you can learn a lot from. 

In her mid 20`s, Karen has practiced long
periods of meditation which completely changed her health, happiness and the
quality of her life. Since then, she has been passionate about spreading the
benefits of meditation to the world, to help people find their true self and
their true power. 

Today, the woman behind
‘7 Illusions: Discover Who You Really Are’ , ‘Meditation Workout: 30 Days – 30 Meditations’, and ‘Awaken: Mindfulness Musings for the Soul’ is here to share with our readers her basic, bu essential, tips on achieving inner piece and balance, without losing contact with your true self. Let’s see what she has for us…


Stress has become a common part of our lives. It is just there
and somehow we got used to living with it. There is always something to be
concerned about, whether it be our health, our job, our relationships or our
finances. It sometimes seems like as soon as a ‘problem’ is resolved it is soon
to be replaced by another one. Then we have something else to be worried about
that need to be fixed. And most of the time we can’t totally relax until “our
main big problem” is solved. But it never seems to end and instead we start accumulating too much stress that will also create more health, family or
financial problems. So how can we find some kind of peace in the middle of our

It often helps to
understand that most of our fears and worries are in our minds. They are often
concerning a ‘future’ situation we are trying to avoid. We want to feel secure,
in control of our lives and have everything all perfect so we can finally enjoy
it. Unfortunately that is not how life works. We will never have it under our
control, and our future will never be secure no matter what our minds are
trying to make us believe: “once I get that job, all will be well”, “once I buy
a house, I will be safe”, “once I get that raise, I will be secure”.
Understanding that we can’t really create security helps us let go of the
pressure of trying to fix everything to get it perfect and secure. There is
nothing to be fixed. So what can we do instead?

First, It is good to
know that stressing over the future or any situation won’t help. For example
stressing about money won’t make us richer. The best we can do is to first
assess if there is anything in our power that will improve that situation, and
if there is then we can act on it. But if there isn’t it, then we just have to
let it go, stop worrying about it and
trust that the situation will take care of itself. So how do we just let

The problem when we
worry too much about our lives and our future is that we tend to miss out on
our present. We tend to be so caught up in our minds that we forget to just
live and enjoy the precious moments in our days. In order to let go of our stress we need to come back to the present moment. How can we become more
present? Here’s a few tips:

1. Breath

Every time we notice ourselves caught into the maze of our thoughts we need to
remember to take a deep breath. That deep breath will bring us back here, now,
in the present where we stand, and where we are safe. In that moment our future
worries are not ‘there’, they are not ‘real’. But WE are here, now, and we are

2. Awareness

We can become more present by paying attention to what’s around us NOW. Right
now: what am I seeing? What am I hearing? What I am feeling? What am I tasting?
Reconnecting with our five senses shifts our attention from our illusionary
thoughts back to our experience of the moment. Then we can really make the most
of it and enjoy it fully.

3. Nature

Taking some time in nature is important for each of us. It is soothing and
grounding. It helps reconnect to a slower pace of living which we used to have
before fast paced cities and technology. It is important to make some time to
slow down and enjoy a forest or beach walk, or just sit in a park if we are in
a city. We always feel better after having spent half an hour in nature.

4. Meditation

Taking up meditation is not the easiest thing to do. Our busy minds don’t like
sitting down for half an hour and like giving us all kind of excuses to avoid
it. Yet learning to meditate, and practicing regularly will help us to become
in control of our mind instead of being controlled by it. Moreover,meditation
can help us access these moments of deep peace which happen when all thoughts
stop.Meditation may seems like hard work but on the long term it is one of the
best way to de-stress and enjoy a more peaceful life.

In the end no matter what our favourite way of de-stressing is,
it is necessary to incorporate it in our daily life. Our mental wellbeing is very
important and to be honest we are not going to miss out on anything if we take
half an hour time out daily in nature or in meditation. Our ‘problems’ may
still be there when we come back but our thoughts about them would be gone. And
that’s what peace is all about!

*For more from Karen check out her books 
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