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5 Skin-Loving Homemade Masks You Need To Try

When my obsession with face masks meets my unhealthy
addiction to Pinterest, things get out of control. Let’s take this month for
example – this month was all about facial masks. What does that mean? It means that I’ve tried more than 20 in less than 10

Why did I do it? To select the best ones for you, of course!

Since the weekend is near, and there is no better time to
pamper yourself with a nice at-home beautifying ritual + some red wine &
organic dark chocolate, allow me to share with you my favorite DIY face masks. I
hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

Ultra-Nourishing Mask for Dry Skin

Full Recipe Here

Why I Love This
It contains everything dry/dehydrated skin needs! Sweet almond oil for a dose of
skin-healing vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, D and E) and minerals (magnesium,
calcium, potassium and iron) + jojoba oil , to seal the moisture in, and replenish skin’s protective lipid barrier
raw organic honey, to reduce
inflammation and prevent breakouts, and last but not least yogurt to exfoliate gently and reveal radiant, even complexion.

Soothing Mask for Sensitive/Redness-Prone Skin

Full Recipe Here

Why I Love This
Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C, rosehip oil nourishes
and strengthens the skin, while tamanu oil boosts regeneration, and soothes
inflammations and irritations. When mixed with oats (one of the greatest natural remedies for sensitive skin), this mask turns into a gentle scrub (2 in
1, how cool is that?)

All-Natural Chocolate
Face Mask

Full Recipe Here

Why I Love This
Apart from my endless love for all-things “chocolate”, I love
this mask for 3 reasons:

  1. It smells super yummy! (added bonus: The smell
    of chocolate improves your mood & reduces stress)
  2. It was my closest experience to a real chocolate
    spa ritual.
  3. Cocoa powder is a potent antioxidant that fights
    the bad guys (a.k.a. free radicals) off, keeping your skin 
    fresh, healthy and youthful


Green Clay &
Turmeric Detox Mask

Full Recipe Here

Why I Love This
Recently, I’ve made my greatest discovery for reducing enlarged pores. Green clay! If only I knew about it a few years ago – I wouldn’t have
spent fortune on pore perfecting primers and crazy-expensive pore-shrinking

Back to green clay. It treats impurities, tightens the
pores, evens the skin tone and helps balance oil production, without over
drying your skin. Tell me you are not impressed? (So, am I!)

Add cinnamon, turmeric and rose water, and you have the
perfect healing mixture for those moments when your skin starts “acting out”
for no obvious reason. Blemishes, redness, acne – be gone!

Pineapple &
Papaya Exfoliating Mask

Full Recipe Here

Why I Love This
If there is one skin ritual that I swear by, that would be exfoliation. I truly believe that exfoliation has the magical ability to solve
(almost) every skin-related problem, and my experience so far has proven it
more than once.

When I have more time to pamper my skin (usually, during the
weekend), I opt for masks with exfoliating ingredients i.e. natural alternatives
of chemical peels. Here, my choice is almost always the same – papaya + pineapple.
Both are great sources of natural acids, enzymes and mineral. They gentle
remove the dead cells from the skin surface, boost its glow, and prepare it
for all of you favorite youth-reactivating lotions and potions.

Note: If you have very sensitive skin, patch test the mask
first, as papaya and pineapple might cause irritation. 

What are your favorite homemade face masks? Let us know in in the comments below – we’d love to try them!

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