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5 Homemade Hair Care Products That Really Work


During the
Holidays we spend more time at home, which makes it the ideal moment to pamper
our skin, hair and body (+ eat lots of organic dark chocolate, because… well,
because we can and we want to).

If you love DIY beauty recipes and you want some interesting ideas for homemade hair
products this post is for you! We’ve collected
5 of our favorite all-natural
hair products
that you can make at home, from scratch, with cheap and safe
ingredients. Want to tame frizzy hair and get rid of split ends? In need of
texturizing spray and shine boosting hair serum? Read on!

All-Natural Hair Serum For Frizzy

Aside from
the most basic tips for taming frizzy hair (condition + don’t abuse heat
styling + avoid plastic hair brushes/combs) if you want your hair to look sleek
and shiny, getting your hands on a good hair serum is a must. The problem with
most anti-frizz hair serum is that despite the claims
with exotic, hair-reviving oils”
the ingredient lists often suggest otherwise. If you look at the
ingredients of 5 random hair serums from your local drugstore you’ll realize that the only thing they are “enriched with” is 
petroleum byproducts and all sorts of silicones. And even if
there is indeed “exotic oil” included in the formula, it’s often in very low
concentration, hence your hair doesn’t get to benefit from it at all…

Here is where beauty gurus, keen on DIY, come to save the day! In a guest blog post for
Body Unburdened Alex from DIG
teaches you how
to make your own frizz-taming hair serum with 3 ingredients only! Super easy
and effective! 

Find The Full Recipe Here: DIY All-Natural Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair

If you want to experiment, you can try with 
Jojoba oil,
instead of Castor oil – it works just as good, because it has waxy-like
structure and coats the hair stands nicely, keeping your hair frizz-free, all day long!

PS: If you want your hair to be extra shiny, check this
3 Essential Tips For Shiny Hair

DIY Dry Shampoo Spray

While dry
shampoos have been used for ages, the first commercially available one was
released in 1940. Nevertheless, only in the last few years is when dry shampoo
started getting really popular. Nowadays, almost every modern woman has one in
her handbag and one in her bathroom. Dry shampoos save you time and effort +
they are ideal for those moments when you don’t have time for your
wash-dry-style routine.

If you
search for dry shampoo recipes online, you’ll see that most of them offer final product
in powder form, which in my opinion is not very convenient. You need a special
brush to apply it, the dust gets everywhere and it’s just… too messy. 
Hello Glow has the perfect alternative – dry shampoo
in a spray bottle. Just like the one you usually buy, but with safer and
greener ingredients!

Find The Full Recipe Here: DIY Dry Shampoo Spray


* If you
want to try the “powdery version” as well, check
this recipe from Simple Life Mom.

Homemade Hair Strengthening Treatment

Keeping your
hair strong is not an easy task, especially if you dye it/use heat styling. Nevertheless,
it’s not impossible to have healthy-looking locks and the price you have to pay
does not have to be ridiculously high.
Plant oils can do wonders for your hair if you have the patience to allow them to work their magic. Below
you will find our favorite hair strengthening lotion recipe. Try it – we promise your hair
will love it!

Find The Full Recipe Here: Homemade Hair Strengthening Serum

DIY Sea Salt Spray

Salt in the
air, sand in my hair…

If you are
wondering how to get the perfect beach waves, the answer is simple –
texturizing spray. It doesn’t have to be expensive and luxurious in order to
hold your loose curls and help you create a “messy”, natural look. Sea salt
sprays add volume and texture to the hair without any chemicals involved. They
help you style with ease and hold your curls all day/night long. The best part
– preparing your own sea salt spray is easy as pie.
Free People, have one of the best recipes I’ve
tried so far and I encourage you to try it. Allow me to present to you
Ultimate Beach Waves Spray!

Find The Full Recipe Here: The Ultimate Beach Waves Spray You Haven’t Tried Yet

Growth Boosting Hair Mask

Truth be
told, when it comes to 
speeding up hair growth, the most important thing you
must do is to make sure you 
nourish your locks from the inside i.e eat enough
proteins, vitamin-rich food and drink plenty of water. Nonetheless, providing
nutrients from the outside, can benefit your hair just as much and should not
be underestimated as factor for better hair growth. If you want stronger,
longer and healthier hair a rich, deeply nourishing hair mask is what you need!
Check this one from
The Herbal Healing Mama.

Find The Full Recipe Here: Natural Hair Serum For Strength, Length and Body

Now it’s your turn – share with us your favorite DIY natural hair care products in the comments below! We’d love to give them a try!

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