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5 DIY Makeup Products You Can Make At Home

I remember that once someone told me the following:
“Too much is never enough”. I don’t
remember the concept of our conversation, but it was related to our constant
need to have “a lot” of “everything”. This is especially true if you are 1) a
woman 2) a beauty junkie (like me). You buy, and buy, and buy… 

And even when you can no longer close 
your makeup bag, you are always up for the idea of buying new lip gloss, because one can never have too many lip glosses,

Aside from the fact that consumerism is not cool (and we all know it), what’s
more worrying is that often, the makeup we buy is not only ridiculously expensive,
but also 
loaded with potentially harmful chemicals. Still, we buy, and buy, and

Because we love DIY (+ we care about your health and your
wallet), we’ve gathered 5 of our favorite makeup recipes and we’d like to share
them with you! If you want to save money and preserve your health, read on – we’ll
show you how to make your own, all-natural, toxic-free beauty products!

DIY Natural Blush

I started using blush 2 years ago (I don’t know how I lived
before that, seriously) and I have to tell you that it has changed dramatically the
way my skin looks, when I wear makeup. Recently, I’ve read somewhere that
“blush makes you look alive” – funny way
of describing its “purpose”, but so true. A touch of blush can save the day especially
when your skin has lost its vitality, due to not-enough-sleep-nutrients-water
and too-much-stress-sugar-smoking. Preparing your own blush at home is easy and
fun. What’s even better – it’s totally up to you to determine how pigmented it will be, so it can match your skin tone perfectly.

Our Favorite Recipe: DIY Natural Blush

Homemade Makeup Brush

How often do you cleanse your makeup brushes? 
You’d better do it at least once a week, unless you want to get your skin in trouble…

What I normally use for cleansing 
my brushes is pure castile
soap – simple, cheap and effective. Even though castile soap is very good at
removing impurities and leaving your brushes squeaky clean, overtime, castile
soap can make the bristles lose their softness. How do we solve this problem? We
pair castile soap with 
natural oils! If you want to boost the anti-bacterial
properties of your cleanser, you can add tea tree and/or peppermint essential

Our Favorite Recipe: Homemade Makeup Brush Cleanser

All Natural Homemade
Eye Shadows

 eye shows seems like a product you can’t make from
scratch, they are actually pretty simple to prepare at home. What’s more – you
can play with the shades as much as you want and swatch until you get the color
you desire. What’s the best part about our favorite eye shadow recipe? – You
can actually eat all ingredients – that’s how safe these 
natural eye shadows are!

Our Favorite Recipe: All Natural Homemade Eye Shadows

Homemade Natural

Regardless of the season, sun-kissed skin is always trendy
and there is nothing wrong with “faking it” 
with the help of some bronzer 
after all, this is what makeup is for. If you didn’t get time to go to the
seaside this year and get some sun, you can easily 
add some fresh glow to your face with a bit of bronzer – one that is natural, inexpensive and 100% safe to

Our Favorite Recipe: Homemade Natural Bronzer

Natural Lip Tint

No makeup look is finished without 
a hint of color on the lips. When you enhance the natural color of your lips you refresh your whole
face and your skin immediately looks healthier and 
more radiant.

While some authors suggest biting your lips in order to improve
blood flow and make them naturally redder and plumper, we’d like to
save you the pain from this “weird beauty ritual” and offer another alternative
– one that nourishes the lips + tastes and smells lovely!

Our Favorite Recipe: DIY Natural Lip Tint

Have you tried any of
these recipes? What is your favorite one? Tell us in the comments below!


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