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5 All-Natural Homamade Body Scrubs You Need To Try

This month it was all about 
body scrubs. Why? Because we
love silky smooth, toned skin that looks and feels healthy + as you already
know, we enjoy experimenting and 
trying new DIY recipes. After putting more
than 30 recipes to the test, we’ve selected 5 that are sincerely ah-ma-zing –
great for your skin, real treat for your senses, and also – easy to make!

Coconut Rose Body

If you are craving a day in the spa, but you never seem to
find time to go and pamper yourself, you must try this recipe! It smells divine!

Coconut oil moisturizes in depth, leaving your skin
ultra-hydrated, lustrous and soft, while 
rose essential oil firms and tones. This
scrub is especially good if you struggle with stubborn stretch marks and unever
skin surface.

Find the full recipe here:
Coconut Rose Body Scrub

Whipped Grapefruit
Mint Sugar Scrub

If I have to describe this body scrub with one word that
would be
refreshing! Actually, it is
so refreshing that it has the potential to replace your 
morning cup of coffee.
Once you try it, you’ll see what I am talking about…

Made with mint and grapefruit essential oil, this scrub will
wake up your senses, energize your body and lift your mood – perfect for a
quick, body papering ritual, early in the morning. What better way to start
your day?

Find the full recipe here: Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub


Chocolate Sugar Scrub

Caution! If you are not quick enough to slather this all
over your body, you’ll end up eating it! Yes, that’s how delicious it looks and

Imagine the scent of organic coconut oil and cocoa powder
combined – irresistible! To be honest, when I made this scrub, I wasn’t really
sure whether I should it use to exfoliate my body, or I should add some flour and
make cookies.

Note: I didn’t
sweet almond oil at hand, but I am sure it will turn out even better if you add
it, like the author suggests.

Find the full recipe here: 
Chocolate Sugar Scrub

Rosemary Lemon Salt

I am kinda bias here, because I am addicted to
rosemary. And because I am addicted to
rosemary, I wanted to intensify the scent of the scrub and added some rosemary
essential oil, apart from the springs. Rosemary essential oil is believed to
boost immunity, relieve stress and alleviate headache – 3 good reasons to love it, don’t you think?

*Olive oil can be replaced with any oil of your choice, just
make sure it is cold-pressed and organic.

Note: If you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend skipping the lemon juice (add only the zest),
because the juice can irritate the skin.

Find the full recipe here: Rosemary Lemon Salt Scrub

Ginger Detox Body

Your skin, just like your body, needs a good 
detox, every
once in a while. Both ginger and Epsom salt are known for their remarkable
detoxifying properties and when combined they can do wonders for your skin. As
simple as this recipe is, we promise you’ll love it!


Find the full recipe here: 
Ginger Detox Body Scrub


What are your favorite DIY recipes? Tell us in the comments below – we’d love to try them!


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