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5 Easy Mocktails To Try Now

Friday evening + cocktails + friends? Yes, please!

As much as I love having a cocktail every once in a while, I
try to resist the temptation, because:

Alcohol is bad for your overall health (and for your skin)

(Usually) Cocktails are loaded with refined sugar, therefore they (almost
always) give you a bad headache the next day 

Two serious reasons to reduce the number of drinks you have per week, don’t you

Still, if you are a cocktail-o-holic, let me offer you 5
recipes for booze-free drinks (a.k.a mocktails) that are tasty, healthy and
refreshing! I promise you’ll love them!

Cucumber Rosemary Limeade

In a previous post, I’ve already “confessed” that I am
addicted to rosemary. Nevertheless, if I have to be honest, this was the first
time I had a drink with a hint of rosemary. Did I like it? No.


I tried this recipe both unsweetened and sweetened, and truth
be told, both ways, the mocktail turned out super refreshing and incredibly

* I prefer to use organic dark brown sugar, instead of granulated sugar

Find The Full Recipe Here

Watermelon Ginger

If you crave something sweet and refreshing, but you don’t
want to spend an hour in the kitchen, this recipe is for you. Watermelon + Lime
+ Ginger – the best summer combo!

I went overboard with the Ginger syrup, but that’s because I
am crazy about all-things-ginger.

Watermelon is great source of vitamin C (hello, glowing
skin!), biotin (hello, healthy hair!) and lycopene – potent 
antioxidant that
protects your body from free radicals and reduces oxidative damage. I don’t
think you need more reasons to try this summer elixir…


Find The Full Recipe Here

Non-Alcoholic Sangria

No cocktail list will be complete without sangria and you
know it.

While it is true that red wine has incredibly high
antioxidant content, and it is the only “healthy” alcohol, if you have decided
to go booze-free for some time, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on
summer’s best cocktail – sangria.

The reason why I really like the recipe linked below, is
because red wine is replaced with black tea. Just like wine, black tea contains
tannin, which gives it very rich flavor and strong body, therefore it is the
perfect substitute for God’s favorite drink. Enjoy!

Find The Full Recipe Here

Virgin Frozen

What is that one cocktail you can never go wrong with? I
vote for Margarita.

I followed strictly the recipe linked below (which is not
something I am good at), but I made mine with organic brown sugar, because
refine sugar is not cool. Unlike this mocktail, which it’s super cool! Try it!


Find The Full Recipe 

Ginger Mimosas

If you are a fan of mimosas, you must try this one! Citrusy,
spicy and bubbly, this mocktail promises explosion of flavors for your taste
buds! Garnish with rosemary, for an extra hint of freshness.

PS: And don’t forget to share it with friends – it will
taste even better!

Find The Full Recipe 

What is your favorite alcohol-free recipe? Tell us in the comments below – we’d love to try it!

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