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How To Get Glowing Skin With Natural Oils

Regardless of your age,
skin type and skin concerns, I am pretty sure that your primary goal when it
comes to your skin, is to achieve radiant complexion. Well, you are not alone. Since
we are all looking for ways to illuminate our skin naturally, today we decided
to share with you our top 5 favorite vegetable oils for luminous skin.

Argan Oil

Speaking of glowing skin,
we must start with the king –
Argan oil. Also
known as “Moroccan gold”, argan oil is one of the best natural oils for skin
lacking luster. Thanks to its rich composition, it nourishes the skin, leaving
it soft, supple and illuminated. It’s relatively lightweight, therefore doesn’t
clog pores, which makes it ideal for all skin types (yes, even for oily skin!).
What’s more – not only argan oil re-hydrates your skin, it maintains the lipid
barrier functional, hence prevents water loss. Argan oil improves the overall
condition of your skin in the long run, which is the ultimate guarantee for
always-glowing skin.


Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is famous for its high content of vitamin C – natural skin lightening
agent that improves skin’s clarity, reduces redness and illuminates your face. Rosehip
oil is very lightweight, so it soaks into the skin almost immediately after
application. Just like argan oil, rosehip oil works wonders for dehydrated
skin, because of the plethora of essential fatty acids found in it.

Because of its skin
brightening properties, rosehip oil is often added to serum and cream, created
to diminish dark spots and fight dull-looking skin. What’s more – its popularity
in the skin care industry is increasing with every passing year. Obviously, it
works pretty well.

Acai Pulp Oil

If you are looking for a
nutrient-rich cocktail for your skin, acai pulp oil is what you need! Loaded
with essential fatty acids, vitamin, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and
phytosterols, acai pulp oil can do wonders for your skin, in all those moments when your face is not as glowing as you would want it to be. Applying this
natural healing elixir regularly (alone or in combo with other vegetable oils),
will illuminated your complexion and will heal your skin from the inside out.

Acai pulp oil revitalizes
the skin and help it appear youthful and supple, while “seducing your senses”
with its light, fruity aroma and velvety texture. You simply can’t say “no” to

Always look for 100% pure organic oils! This is the ultimate guarantee their incredible properties are fully preserved! Your skin will appreciate it!

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Camellia Oil

My favorite oil!
Camellia oil has beautiful texture, it sinks into my skin in seconds and leaves my
face velvety smooth, and most importantly – super radiant! For years, Camellia
oil has been used by Asian women (known for their always-perfect skin) and
recently started finding its place in the formulation of many products for dry/dehydrated/dull-looking
skin. The results so far are very promising, and many companies are starting to
use camellia oil for the formulation of their products.

Avocado Oil

Even though avocado oil is
considered a bit heavy, compared to the rest of the oils mentioned in this
article, if you have dry skin, I’d recommend it highly. The nutrient-packed oil, extracted from one of the most adored fruits (yes, avocado is a fruit) on this
planet, rejuvenates tired and stressed skin, leaving it dewy-looking and
hydrated. Thanks to the high content of vitamin E (super potent antioxidant)
and phytosterols, avocado oil can replace your nightly cream and is sure to
deliver outstanding results.

What is your favorite natural oil? Tell us in
the comments below – we’d love to try it!

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