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5 Skin Care Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

When I did my research on what are the mistakes we might be
committing when it comes to caring for our skin, I realized I was guilty of a
bunch of them! If I didn’t find out the proper way of caring for my skin, I would
commit these mistakes the rest of my life. Yikes! So, to save your skin (as
well as mine), I will share with you some common mistakes that most of us do

Not Reading the
Ingredients List

Nowadays, with all these harmful ingredients like 
parabens, talc, triclosan, PEGs and many others, it is important that we read the
ingredients in the products that we purchase. Sad to say, a lot of the infamous
ingredients out there are somewhat related to cancer. Worse, most of these
ingredients are just merely there to enhance the way a product looks, feels, or
smells and don’t even do anything to your skin (except maybe harm it). So, the
smart thing to do is to check out what the product is made of even before
making your purchase. Try using the app 
Think Dirty to check for harmful
ingredients in products while at the shop. Finding out if a product is harmful
is just a phone scan away!

Note: If you want great results and no harmful chemicals, always choose organic and natural skin care products! They are good for you, for your skin and for the environment! Make the switch today!

Using The Same
Moisturizer All Year Round

During the colder months, our skin tends to 
“go over to” the dry side, which means that the moisturizer we use during summer may not be “good
enough” for the colder months, when our skin lacks elasticity and luminosity
more than ever. And as we all know, it is very important to keep our skin very
bwell hydrated if we want to keep wrinkles at bay. So, during the winter
season, look for a more hydrating and rich moisturizer if you want to keep your
skin looking its best.

We at La Mav know that each skin is different and it has its own specific needs. Our range includes moisturizers formulated to target the most common skin concerns and deliver outstanding results and profound hydration with the power of carefully selected natural ingredients and pure plant oils. Have you already chosen your moisturizer?


Choose It Now

Skipping Sun
Protection During the Colder Months

One misconception that most of us have, is that when we
can’t feel the warmth of the sun (or we don’t see it, hidden behind the clouds),
its rays don’t reach us. Well, they do.

The ultimate beauty rule is (and always will be):
Don’t skin
applying sunscreen!
Even during the winter or on a cloudy day, it is a must to
slather on some sun protection, as exposure to UV rays unprotected is the
leading cause for premature aging! 
We don’t want to get all wrinkly, do we?

The products from La Mav’s Mineral Makeup Range will help you achieve a flawless look, effortlessly and at the same time will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, thanks to their broad spectrum SPF15. Infused with Pure Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C, our minerals will keep your skin healthy and youthful day after day!


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Exfoliating Too Often
and Too “Vigorously”

A lot of people ask themselves 
“How often should I exfoliate?” Dermatologists suggest that for sensitive skin, once or twice a
week is ideal. On the other hand, if your skin is on the oily side, you can go
for three times a week. Still, I’d advise you to “monitor” your skin – it will
give you clear signs when you are “over doing it” and when you “need some more”.
Starting small (1 times a week, no matter your skin type) and increasing
gradually, is the best way to go. Also – do not exfoliate vigorously because
you are likely to do more damage than good, by disrupt skin’s integrity.

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Applying Products in
the Wrong Order

Raise your hand if you’re one of those people, who, when
given a handful of skin care products, have no idea in what order you’re
supposed to apply them. Not to mention that the tiny samples we are given in
beauty counters don’t even come with instructions. Well, I can help you with
that. The rule of thumb is: cleanser > toner > serum > moisturizer
> oils. No matter which brand you choose, always stick to this sequence. When
applied in this order, all products can do their job properly, without
interfering with each other’s actions.

So tell me – have you been committing these skin crimes? If
you have, now is the perfect time to change your ways to get beautiful,
glowing, youthful skin. 

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