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5 Tips For The Perfect Sunless Tan

As summer begins to creep up on us, the temptation to head outdoors and soak up the rays can be all too appealing after surviving through the depths of winter.

But as we know – especially if, like us, you live Down Under – the sun’s rays can be harsh and cause irreparable skin damage and premature ageing. Which is why, perfecting the art of the ‘sunless’ tan is definitely a skill that’s worth mastering.

While the idea of using a fake tanning product is certainly not revolutionary, ensuring its flawless application can be tricky.

Step #1: Prep

Before you even consider applying a self-tanning product, you want to ensure that the surface of your skin is prepped and smooth. This means, removing any unwanted hair for a flawless finish. To avoid any chance of skin irritation, too, we recommend shaving or waxing at least 24 hours before applying your tan. This gives your skin enough time to settle and breathe before any product is applied to its surface.

Step #2: Scrub

Undoubtedly the most important step in the whole process is exfoliation – to ensure a flawless, even application, your skin needs to be as silky as possible. As self-tanning products tend to stick to skin that’s dry or rough – leading to those less-than-appealing patchy elbows and knees – it’s essential to buff your skin smooth before grabbing your tanner. And our and Exfoliating Mitt are just the tools for the job! Infused with magnesium, our scrub works to buff away imperfections and stimulate circulation – for the ultimate natural glow.

Step #3: Hydrate

Even though you’ve probably read that moisturising before applying fake tan can create a barrier between the tan and your skin – the truth is that while you don’t want to be lathered in heavy creams or oils, it’s still essential for your skin to be well hydrated before you tan. Again, dry patches like elbows, knees, feet and hands tend to become blotchy as they attract any extra moisture from your tanning product – so consider adding a little hydration to these rough patches before you begin.

Step #4: Select the right product

For the most convincing ‘glow’, it’s essential to select the right product for the job. Not only do you need to ensure you choose the right hue for your skin tone – but deciding between a Gradual Tanning Moisturiser and a Self Tan Dry Oil is also key and often comes down to personal preference. Likewise, if you're keen to tan your face as well as your body, make sure you select a tanning product designed specifically for the delicate skin on your face. Our Anti-Ageing Face Tan Serum is infused with free radical-fighting bio-actives as well as hyaluronic acid – for a burst of hydration!

Step #5: Extend

If you’ve gone to the trouble of self-tanning, you want it to last so get the most out of your glow by applying our Tan Extender daily. Enriched with nourishing organic oils – such as macadamia and coconut – as well as magnesium to help promote collagen synthesis, it’s a deeply hydrating formula that will ensure your tan continues to glow, day after day.

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