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5 Essential Rules To Reduce

If you live in a place where the temperature and the humidity
levels are high + you are a “proud owner” of naturally dry/curly hair, I am
sure frizz is one of your biggest daily struggles. Brittle, unruly locks can be
a real pain.

The reason why our hair gets frizzy lies in the structure of
the hair strand. When the outer layer of the hair strand (the cuticle) is
raised, it allows moisture from outside to penetrate with ease. Once the hair
strand is “soaked” with moisture, it expands and its surface becomes uneven.
Things get even worse when your hair is dry by nature, as it attracts even more

Since we want to make your life easier, and also save you
time and money, we’d like to share with you out top 5 ways to de-frizz your
hair, without having to pay for crazy expensive in-salon treatments.

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Pick Your Shampoo

Aggressive shampoos (especially when loaded with sulfates)
not only irritate the scalp, but also dehydrate the hair strand. They wash off
the layer of natural oils that coats each hair strand, making your locks more
likely to both loose and absorb water.

When purchasing shampoo make sure it is sulfate-free and
preferably organic and/or with high content of natural ingredients. It may seem
like something insignificant, but a good shampoo can make a huge difference in
the way your hair looks and “behaves”.

Moisturize &

Finding time for a deeply conditioning hair treatment is
essential, if you want to keep your mane frizz-free. Why? Because nourished
hair is healthy, and healthy hair is beautiful (+ less likely to look frizzy).

Have in mind that pre-shower, leave-on masks are just as
important as conditioning your hair under the shower. Coconut oil is a great
all-natural alternative of the drugstore hot-oil treatments – it will
re-hydrate your hair and will leave it shiny and vibrant!

Dry Your Hair Gently

Quite often, when we get out of the shower, we start rubbing
our hair vigorously with a towel in order to dry it faster. While this may
shorten the time for drying, it also ruffles the hair’s cuticle, which is
definitely not something we want. As we’ve mentioned above, when the cuticles
are raised, more external moisture penetrates the hair strand, which causes it
to expand and makes its surface look uneven. So, if you want frizz-free hair,
be gentle to your mane.

Lock The Moisture In

Always apply hair serum (preferably silicone-free) or pure
natural oil to the lengths of your hair, in order to preserve the moisture
inside the hair strands. Oils form a thin, invisible layer that serves as
barrier – it doesn’t allow water to escape, nor to get in. Our top choice for
reducing frizz is organic Jojoba oil, because it’s pretty light, therefore
won’t weight your hair down + it boosts shine and makes the hair soft and
manageable. Note that serums and oils should always be applied on damp hair.

Always look for 100% pure organic oils! 
This is the ultimate guarantee their incredible properties are fully preserved! 

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Do Not Abuse Heat

We are all tempted by the flat iron, but let’s admit it –
it’s a double-edged sword. When you straighten your hair it looks super shiny
and bouncy, but the price you pay for this temporary “glam” is very high. Thermal
styling (be it straightening, curling or blow drying) makes our hair fragile,
dry and coarse. What’s even worse – high temperature causes irreversible damage
to the proteins that build up the hair strands, resulting in unhealthy looking hair,
that is (you guessed it) more prone to frizz.

If you find the idea of getting rid of all irons and curlers
unacceptable, at least try to minimize their use. Your hair will appreciate it.

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