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6 Beauty Tricks Every
Lady Should Know


Beauty isn’t about spending tons of money on new and new, promising-it-all-products, complicated makeup techniques or weird
grandma-told-me-so rituals (like comb your hair 100 times per day to make it shinier.. seriously?) Beauty is about simplicity and knowing how to make the best of what you have. And to do so, you don’t need much, trust me. Today I’ll share with you 6 very simple tricks that are sure to make your beauty/skin care routine much easier and to deliver great results you were not even thinking you can get.


Apply Eye Cream Before Concealing

If there is
one thing that annoys me big time this would be when I am trying to conceal my imperfections
and instead I end up accentuating them. Argh! In my case, this applies
particularly for the moment when I am trying to cover the bluish-pinkish-purplish
areas under my eyes (pale skin problems, you know). The thing is – even when I
manage to conceal them fully, some product always gets stuck into the fine
lines – getting rid of one problem, I actually face another.

What’s my solution?
A few dabs of my favorite moisturizing eye cream! Easy as it sounds! I massage it
gently for 30 seconds while it soaks into the skin and I am good to go. My skin
becomes smoother and plumper and I apply my makeup with ease! And most
importantly – concealer no longer settles into the fine lines. Whew!

What To Try: La Mav Bio A7 Firming Eye Lotion

Awarded “Best Eye Cream” of 2010 by Nature & Health Magazine, this organic velvety crème visibly rejuvenate and transforms the delicate eye area. Bio A7 is formulated with organic Hibiscus esculentus and Pisumsativum extract to increase elasticity to smooth lines andwrinkles around the eye, leaving skin visibly lifted and toned. Visible anti-aging effects, such as wrinkle and sagging reduction are enhanced with continued use due to the unique properties of Hibiscus esculentus extract and other bio-actives in this unique formula.

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Refresh Your Foundation

Whether you
are using 
mineral or regular foundation, at the end of the day your face never
looks as good as it looked in the morning. Due to heavily air-conditioned rooms,
climate changes, dehydration, not-enough-time-to-have-a-healthy-meal,
etc. we often end up with dull looking complexion and we need to retouch our
makeup. A very easy trick to illuminate your skin and wake up your face is to rub a drop of natural plant oil
between the palms of your hands and dab it gently on the cheeks. This will refresh
your face immediately! Easy and effective!

What To Try: La Mav Pure Oil Therapy

La Mav’s Pure Oil Therapy range offers variety of 100% organic, cold pressed oils with strong anti-aging, skin healing and restorative properties. Nourish your skin naturally and enjoy healthy radiant complexion!


Pick Your Oil


Cleanse Your Face With Oils

Have you noticed
that recently your skin has lost vitality? Does it lack elasticity and radiance?
Does it look lifeless? If so, the solution might be “three drops away”…

The ultra-popular 
oil cleansing method (OCM) is so popular for a reason (because a few drops of
plant oil are potent enough to magically transform your skin). Still, though
many swear by it, it doesn’t work for everyone. If you’ve tried it and you are
not fascinated with the results, hold on – yes, it might not be your thing, but
don’t reject it just yet. Cleansing your face with oils (even if not on regular
basis) will help 
balance sebum production and restore the integrity of the
hydro-lipid barrier of the skin, which will improve its overall condition.
Apart from that, why don’t you look at the OCM as weekly nourishing mask? Oils
are super-mega wonderful for your skin (be it dry or oily) and they deserve
their place in your beauty rituals.

Tame Frizzy Hair With Natural Oils

If you are
tired of spending money on expensive silicone-filled serums, that are supposed
to “heal and restore” your hair, why don’t you try something more natural which
can actually do the job? Did you know that Jojoba oil, thanks to its waxy like
properties, coats the hair strand and prevents water from entering inside, thus
reduces frizz? Apart from that, Jojoba oil makes your hair super soft,
manageable and shiny. Bonus: It’s 100% natural and there are no nasty
good-for-nothing chemicals in it!

What To Try: La Mav Pure Jojoba Oil

How to use it: Rub a drop or two (if your hair is
longer) of jojoba oils between your palms and run your hands through your hair,
focusing on the lengths. Style as usual and enjoy your shiny locks!


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Get To Know “Face Mists”

I know that
the beauty market is trying to sell you new miraculous potions & lotions
every month, but 
face mists are liquid magic in a bottle. Seriously! They hydrate
the skin, refresh your makeup (yes, you can spray them over your makeup, when
it needs retouching), add incredible glow and smooth out the skin surface. And
all this in one bottle! No wonder, face mists are beauty gurus BFF.

What To Try: La Mav Rose Hydrating Mist

La Mav’s Rose Hydrating Mist is a gentle alcohol-free toner designed to re-balance your skin’s pH and stimulate the natural radiance with its refreshing and revitalizing properties. Formulated with Rosa damascena (Rose), Jasmine and Geranium essential oils for a calm and soothing effect, the mist is perfect for normal, dry, and highly sensitive skin, helping to reduce pore size appearance. Bisabolol and Pro-Vitamin B5 help moisturize and hydrate while removing surface impurities and toxins, for a luminous complexion with no match!

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The Secret of The Perfect Smoky Eye

The secret
of the perfect smoky eye is not in being super precise or good at playing with
colors and shades. Not at all! It’s the base and the brush. Applying fine
translucent powder onto the eyelids, to minimize shadow creasing, and using a
clean brush for blending (always working towards the outer corner of the eye) is
what you need in order to achieve the perfect smoky look you see in magazines. 

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