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6 Makeup Brushes You Should Own

Feeling confused when you have to decode names like “angled kabuki brush”, “tapered setting brush” or “stippling brush“? Overwhelmed with the amount of makeup brushes available on the market? Not sure if you really need 25 different makeup brushes to achieve flawless look?

We are here to help!

Since we know that it’s easy to get lost in the “endless sea” of beauty tools at the department store (especially if you are on a budget and/or you are new to makeup), we’d like to share with you our top picks for makeup brushes any woman should own.

Kabuki Brush

Kabuki brushes can be angled, flat or domed; with short and long handles and bristles with different length. Nevertheless, they all serve the same purpose – creating the perfect base.

Thanks to their density, as well as their wide surface area, kabuki brushes allow fast and even foundation application, with zero streaks and patchiness. You can apply product using circular motion or by buffing it into the skin (the second technique is recommended if you want to build up coverage). Kabuki brushes work equally well with liquids and powders.

What to Try: La Mav Vegan Kabuki Brush

Blush Brush

Fluffy and soft, blush brushes are designed to pick the exact amount of product needed to give you a delicate healthy flush. Blush brushes are normally angled or domed. The bonus of the angled one is that you can use it for light contouring. On the other hand, the round/domed blush brush can double as a bronzing brush.

Angled Brush

This is, hands down, our favourite multi-purpose brush! You can use it to define your brows, draw perfect winded eyeliner, or smudge eye pencil/eye shadows. Angled brushes come in different sizes (depending on their primary purpose), but they are always very densely packed – to allow precise application + to pick more product, so that you can achieve an intense look with ease.

What to Try: La Mav Vegan Angle Brush

Eye Shadow Blending Brush

Often called “crease brush”, “blending eye brush” or simply “eye shadow brush”, this tiny tool is among the essentials that every woman has to have in her makeup kit/on her vanity. While it is true that you can use your fingers to apply eye shadows + pack pigment on the lid for maximum intensity, the same doesn’t apply for blending. Blending well with your fingers is a tough task, therefore owning a fluffy eye shadow brush is a must if you are someone who strives to achieve the perfect eye look.

What to Try: La Mav Eyeshadow Brush

Highlighter Brush

The highlighter brushes are often sparsely packed, so that they can dust the product gently on the skin. The benefit of a less dense brush is that it is “harder” to mess things up, by going overboard with the product you are using (which happens with densely packed brushes, as they tend to grab more product). Highlighter brushes can be used to dust off “bake” (if you are into the whole “baking” thing), as well as to remove eye shadow fallout under the eyes.

If you have to pick one brush to take with you on a deserted island,
what would it be? Tell us in the comments below!

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