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6 Bad Skin Habits You Need To Break

We are often quick to blame nature and
genes for the breakouts, dry and scaling skin, and uneven complexion. Although
these are contributing factors, sometimes it is our bad habits that wreak havoc
on our skin more than anything else. Here are 6 common skin-unfriendly habits
to avoid.

Drinking Enough Water

Our skin is just like any other organ in
our body – it is made up of cells. In terms of composition, 70% of total cell
mass is water. Without it, cells do not do their job properly, which leads to
your skin not being at its best. This also goes for all other organs in your
body, which do not function well when deprived of water. Since your skin
reflects your overall health, this will have a further negative effect on it. Another
unfortunate fact is that water will first reach all other organs before it gets
to your skin. Also, we lose large quantities of water every day through
sweating and other excretions. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day should replenish all the lost fluids. But if you notice that your skin is still
rough, tight, and flaky, increase the total daily intake. The improvement will
not come over night, but regular hydration is sure to bring results.

Wearing Sunscreen

Sun bathing and tanning are very likely the
worst things you can do to your skin. Even the slightest tan equals skin
damage. Repeated exposure to UV rays causes premature aging, which includes,
but is not limited to – wrinkles, brown spots, sagging, and uneven complexion.
In fact, up to 80% of skin aging process is attributed to the so called photo

If this is not scary enough, what do you say about skin cancer? Ultraviolet
radiation can damage the DNA in skin cells, causing mutations that can lead to
melanoma. The best way to protect yourself is to wear sunscreen every day, and
we mean EVERY day. Be it sunny or raining cats and dogs, even if you find
yourself in the middle of a snow blizzard, make sure you do not leave your
house without a SPF of at least 15 (higher in the summer and if you have a
lighter complexion). It is the best anti-aging treatment there is.

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Smoking does so much damage to your face skin
that there is a separate name for it – smoker’s face. Those who are still
sceptical about the negative effects that carbon monoxide and nicotine have on
the skin should just look at the studies that involved identical twins, one of
which being a long-time smoker and the other a non-smoker, to see how life
choices affect how we grow old. You will see a wrinkled, gaunt, sagging, and grey face on the one side, and a supple and healthy face on the other. Some
studies show that smokers look at least 1.5 years older than non-smokers, and
the numbers go up to 10 years. Even second-hand smoking speeds up the aging
process. There are also suggestions that late night nicotine intake makes
people toss and turn, and so they wake up with bags under their eyes. Not what
you would consider pretty, right?


Where does one start to list all the
benefits of exfoliation for your skin? Exfoliation removes the outermost layer
of dead cells from your skin, allowing new cells to come to the surface. As a
result, your skin is brighter, smoother, and healthier-looking. Along with dead
cells, it also removes all the impurities from your pores, making them look
smaller. Another way in which regular exfoliation improves the texture of your
skin is by helping the skin care products penetrate better. Without
exfoliation, you would simply be applying these products to dead skin. Exfoliation
removes that physical barrier between your skin and all the nutrients. There is
no makeup capable of making rough, and dry skin look smooth. What is more,
heavy foundations can only give you the cakey look and enhance imperfections. When
your skin is properly exfoliated, you do not even need to wear much makeup – your
skin is already smooth and glowing.

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Cleansers with Sulphates

Sulphates are found in almost all personal
care products, from shampoos and body washes, to toothpastes and facial
cleansers. In cleansers, they serve as foaming agents. Lately, a lot of doctors
and researchers have been questioning 
the safety of using sulphates in skin care products. There are several types of them, but the most scrutinized one is
sodium lauryl sulphate. It is basically a detergent, which strips skin of its natural oils. SLS is commonly used to test skin soothing lotions. It is applied
to skin in order to trigger irritation, and then lotion is applied to sooth it.
It is also used to test other skin irritants by comparing their effect on the
skin opposite SLS. While some people may not experience any reactions, sulphates
are not recommended for people prone to allergies and those with sensitive skin.

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Your skin is the reflection of your health.
Poor diet translates into poor looks. Skipping meals means starving your skin,
and leaving it without the much needed vitamins and minerals. Speaking of which,
try to include vitamin C (oranges), B3 (peanuts), E (avocados), D (salmon), and
A (sweet potatoes) in your everyday diet plans, because your skin needs them
the most. Cut back on salt as it sucks the moisture out of your skin making it
more prone to wrinkling. Sugar is also a thing to avoid if you do not wish to destroy the collagen and get the saggy look. If you are craving for sweet, eat
pineapples and mangos instead. The lack of copper (cocoa), folic acid (spinach),
calcium (cheese) and niacin (yeast) will compromise your skin tone, so make
sure these are part of your diet as well.

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