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How To Look Your Best After A Workout

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Andrea is not only an inspiring woman and a true yogi, but she also knows this-and-that about natural beauty. Today, she will tell us about her after-yoga beauty routine and how she always manages to look great. 

If you’re into health and fitness but also work full time, chances are you’re trying to squeeze in a class after work – before heading off to a coffee date with a friend or even a romantic dinner for two. But how do you transform your happy, sweaty self into a ready-to-go-out goddess who is radiating the famous yoga afterglow?

It’s a challenge because nobody wants to spend more time than necessary in those stuffy changing rooms at the gym or yoga center. So what’s needed is a fast, efficient cleansing and makeup routine that leaves you radiating, using a few, selected products – who wants to carry around a bursting cosmetics bag full of products?

Overall these years of yoga classes (as a student and teacher), this is my favourite, quick and easy 3-step skincare routine (cleansing, hydrating, make up) that doesn’t take long and can be done on the go, with items that easily fit into a gym bag.


After your shower, pump a small amount of LaMav’s silky Hydra-Calm Cleansing Crème into your palm (a little bit goes a long way!). The gentle
Crème contains Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Camellia Oil and Chamomile and manages to both soothe and remove impurities from your skin at the same time. It’s also a deeply hydrating product – you’ll feel your skin already looks brighter!

La Mav Hydra-Calm Cleansing Creme

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Step two is the most fun thing to do after a sweaty work out: Spray LaMav’s Rose Hydrating Mist all over your face and neck. You’ll feel a layer of coolness descending on your skin – an incredibly nice sensation after a class where you’ve really pushed your limits. You’ll open your eyes and find the woman in the mirror smiling at you! Oh and did I mention it’s alcohol-free and also removes impurities and toxins lingering on the skin surface?

La Mav Rose Hydrating Mist

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Perfect Skin

Let the hydrating mist absorb into your skin while you get dressed – and already you’re ready for the last step: Australia’s first Certified Organic BB Crème. I’ve tried a range of make up products both in powder and liquid form, and this is the best I’ve ever laid hands on. Consider this: One pump spread onto your face gives you natural sun protection, corrects imperfections and gives you a flawless finish. Now I don’t use the word flawless lightly, but after you’ve applied this product, you won’t need anything else. I used to apply liquid make up followed by concealer, another product to cover dark circles under my eyes, and a final touch of powder to achieve that “silky” finish – but this product does it all. And you are not left wondering which shade to get: Believe it or not, this BB Crème works for all skin tones and types (I’m using it all year-round, on fairly white or tanned skin) and it gives you an additional 24hour layer of hydration.

La Mav Organic BB Creme

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