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What Is Double Cleansing And Why Your Skin Will Love It!

Dermatologists, beauty experts and cosmetic junkies, all agree that cleansing is one the most important step of your skin care regimen. We do, too.

Cleansing is not only about “taking the day off your face” and how fresh your skin feels afterwards. How you cleanse your skin affects its overall condition + enhances or decreases the effectiveness of the advanced products you are using. If there is “wall” of sebum and makeup residues that stops beneficial ingredients from penetrating in depth, obviously, you won’t see any effect from their use. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Regardless of your skin type, if you want to deeply cleanse + nourish your skin, and you also want all of your favorite beauty lotion & potions to really do their job, double cleansing is the way to go. Let us tell you more…

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is basically cleansing your skin in two steps:

  1. Oil or oil-based cleanser
  2. Regular cleanser (gel, cream, mousse, etc.)

Why double cleanse?

Double cleansing is not just a new trend that everyone raves about, because of its fancy name. In fact, double cleansing has been around for ages. Originating from Japan (like many other miraculous beauty rituals), double cleansing is, without doubt, the best way to thoroughly cleanse the skin, without stripping it of its natural oils. Gentle, nourishing and easy, this method will change how you feel about regular cleansing, straight after the first time you try it.

Who can double cleanse?

I suppose that those of you who have oily/combo skin are already thinking ”nah, that’s not for me”.
Contrary to popular belief, oils are actually good for people who struggle with sebum hyper secretion (we’ve explained it all here), therefore oil cleansing is equally beneficial for people with oily/combo or dry/normal skin.

How does double cleansing work?

The science behind double cleansing is quite simple, and it revolves around a rule we were taught in high school – like dissolves like. Since most makeup and sunscreensare oil-based, they easily dissolve in… you guessed it – oil! Dissolving completely the makeup you’ve been wearing on your face all day long, is the only way to get to the impurities.that are deeply stuck in your pores. Once the makeup is removed, the skin can be fully purified and detoxified with the help of water-based cleanser, be it mousse, gel or foam cleanser.

How to double cleanse?

To master the art of double cleansing you don’t need much – an oil (or an oil-based cleanser) and a regular, water-based cleanser.

The first step is to massage a few drop of the oil/oil-cleanser onto dry skin for a minute or two, in order to dissolve all makeup you have on. When you massage your face, you improve blood micro-circulation, helping more nutrients and oxygen reach the skin (yet another reason to love double cleansing).

What type of water-based cleanser you’ll choose to follow with, is totally up to you – foamingcream cleanser, gel or mousse – you decide. As long as it cleanses well, without being too aggressive (like sulfate-loaded cleansers normally are) you can go with it. I personally prefer to use cream cleansers during the winter, because my skin tends to be drier and more dehydrated when the temperatures drop, and gel cleansers in the summer, as this is the season when my sebaceous-glands go haywire.

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The best oils for double cleansing

According to beauty experts, the best oils for double cleansing are castor oil, sweet almond oiljojoba oil and coconut oil. One thing worth remembering is to always opt for certified organic, pure oils, as
this is the ultimate guarantee their skin-healing properties are fully preserved.

Have you tried double cleansing? Have you notices a difference in the way your skin looks and feels? Tell us in the comments below!

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