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There are few things quite as attractive as the appearance of a freshly-tanned face. If you can’t get out in the sun as often as you’d like, you can still sport this look by using a bronzer. It’s an easy way to give your face a natural yet sun-kissed look. Learn how easy it is to apply bronzer and you can have that freshly-tanned look you’ve always wanted year-round.

Choosing the Right Type and Color for Your Skin

The first step in applying bronzer the right way is choosing the right color and type for your skin tone.

Although bronzers can be used with all skin types, liquid bronzers work better on dry skin, while powder bronzers can be used on both combination and oily skin.

A really great powder bronzer to try that contains only organic ingredients which won’t cause breakouts or irritate sensitive skin is the Sunkissed Bronzer from LaMav. Our new bronzer is infused with Vitamin C and Rosehip oil, which provides anti-ageing benefits by protecting the skin from free radicals, and is part of our new Anti-Aging Minerals™ Range.

Using the wrong color bronzer can result in your skin looking too dark or having an orange and fake appearance, and of course we don’t want that!

Although you’ll want to use bronzer with gold undertones, try to choose colors that are just a couple shades darker than your natural skin color. For instance, a honey-colored bronzer would look great on fair skin, while an amber bronze might be ideal for dark skin. Keep one color for summer use and another color for winter use. This is because even without trying, your face will have somewhat of a tan of its own in the summer.

Bronzers come in either a matte or a shimmery finish. While the shimmery finish gives your face a nice shine, it can also emphasize your pores. If you have prominent pores, you may want to stick with a matte finish.

Using the Right Tools

The tools you use for applying bronzer will depend on if you use a liquid or a powder bronzer. A makeup sponge works well with liquid bronzers and powder brushes work good with the powder bronzers. Try our Vegan Kabuki makeup brush for best results.

You’ll want to make sure your brush is wide to avoid having a blotchy appearance. If you don’t want to invest in a brush specifically for bronzing, you can also use a regular blush or foundation brush.

Steps For Applying the Bronzer

Now that you’ve chosen your color and have your tools, you’re ready to start applying the bronzer. This should be done after your foundation is applied. When applying your foundation, go down onto your neck so you have a natural look: you don’t want the foundation to suddenly stop.

Swirl your brush around in the bronzer but knock off any excess powder. You’re going to want to apply the bronzer to the parts of the face that the sun would naturally touch.

Start with the forehead, working towards the cheekbones and finish with the jaw line, making sure to use light strokes. You want to start off lighter and darken as necessary. Apply the bronzer gently in a swirling motion so you’ll continue to have a natural appearance. (The process is the same with liquid bronzers; however, you’ll apply this with either a sponge or your fingertips.)

Don’t worry if you’ve applied too much. No need to start over. Just gently remove some with a blotting paper or cotton pad. Voila! In only a few minutes you have a beautifully tanned and even face!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Which are you most excited to try?

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