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All you need to know about BB Creams

What Is BB Crème?

BB creme (or cream, if you prefer) stands for beauty balms
or blemish balm which have quickly become a girl’s new best friend – and
it’s easy to see why!  Originally formulated by Dr. Christine Schrammek in
Germany in the 1960s to protect her patients’ skin post-surgery, it was not
until 1985 when it was introduced to South Korea and Japan that this creme
quickly became recognized as a miracle beauty creme. It was hailed as ‘the
secret of Korean actresses’ who maintained their infamous porcelain skin by
using this wonderful potion. Luckily for all us girls out there, this cream
finally made its way to our side of the world where we can experience its
fantastic properties! Nowadays, almost every cosmetic company has a BB cream.
The prices range from $10 to $150, depending on the ingredients used and on “how
big the company name is”. You can get a BB cream at your local drugstore or purchase
it online – Beauty Balms creams are everywhere and they definitely sell well (and there is a reason for that, you’ll see once you try it). 


So What’s All The Fuss About?

Even if you are too devoted to your foundation and your moisturizer,
and you are sure you don’t want to give up using them, you can still include
the BB cream in your beauty routine, without replacing them full. One of the
hidden magic tricks of the BB cream is that it can actually make them work
better. BB creams work really well as primers and facilitate application of foundation.
Besides that, since the BB cream itself provides light to medium coverage, you’ll
need to use less foundation, thus you’ll get a more natural look, without losing
the nice coverage you are used to.Beauty Balms are intended to make your beauty regime that
much easier, because they can take the place of your serum, moisturizer, primer
and foundation! Not only that – they save money and time (and we all know how
valuable they are). Instead of going through the usual morning time consuming serum-moisturizer-SPF-primer-foundation,
you can simply apply a bit of BB cream and you are good to go! Sounds too good
to be true? Well, it is a miracle cream indeed and you will see for yourself
once you try it! According to a recent research by the NPD Marketing Group, 4
of 5 people that have ever used a BB cream will purchase it again. The numbers
speak more than words.

Cosmetic companies constantly try to improve the
formulations of their BB creams. Some started including ingredients like mica
that have light shimmer. It reflects light and adds more radiance to your face.
Others enriched their formulas with oils to make the beauty balms more
nourishing. Whenever you are looking for – more glow, more hydrating, more even
skin surface, be sure you’ll find it!

Even though I risk repeating myself, once again I’d like to emphasize
on the fact that BB creams are fantastic time-savers. Who would say no to 20
more minutes in bed? Why spend them in the bathroom, in front of the mirror,
applying product after product, in order to achieve the “perfect look” when you
can get flawless in less than 2 minutes? 

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Who Can Use BB Creme?

Sporty girls love BB cremes because they can look
good while being active and no one will even know they have anything on their
face, due to their light to medium coverage that always looks natural. Not only
this, most BB creams do not wear off even if you sweat. 

Beauty Balms are a wonderful alternative to heavy
foundations and are just perfect for the no-fuss gal who wants to look good,
but doesn’t like to fuss with foundation. BB cream cover small imperfections, even
the skin tone and add gentle glow to the skin.

Beauty Balms are the ultimate beauty tool for “lazy beauties” because the application
of the product takes less than 2 minutes. And Voila – your skin looks perfect!

For girls who like a more intense coverage or for more 
severe scarring, the BB cream acts as a ‘super primer’ that can be applied under
your regular foundation. Your foundation will just glide onto your face and you
will be left with a beautiful smooth finish.


How to choose the best BB cream?

While we all know that finding the best product for your
skin type is usually a matter of trials and errors, finding the best BB cream
for you will not be so hard, because BB creams are formulated in a way to make them
suitable for… well, everyone. Nevertheless, experimenting with a few brands
before you get to your “holy beauty balm” may be something you’ll go through,
but once you find it, it will become your BBF – “best beauty friend”.

Here are some basic advice to follow when picking a BB cream:

  • If you have oily skin look for BB creams that provide matte
    finish and have lighter formulas/watery consistency. If the product has lighter
    texture it is less likely to clog your pores or cause breakout.
  • If you have normal skin you can pick literally whatever you
    want. Here it is fully a matter of personal preference.
  • If you have dry skin, avoid thick BB creams even if they
    promise to provide better coverage, because they may accentuate the dryness.
    Look for beauty balms that are extra hydrating – they will make your skin look
    more moist and radiant.
  • When choosing the right tone/shade, get a sample, if
    possible. Testing the BB cream on your hand is not a good idea, because the
    skin on your hands is different color from the skin on your face and neck. If
    you get a sample, apply the product on your whole face to see if it really
    matches your skin tone.


How to apply BB cream?

You can apply it with your fingers (like I do, because I am
too lazy to use a makeup sponge), but if you want more even and smooth finish
try with a brush or a sponge. Usually a pea-sized amount of the product is enough
for the whole face, but if you want you can apply some more for addition coverage.

If your skin is very dry, even though the BB cream is moisturizing by itself, you can apply a bit of hydrating cream before it. Besides that mixing it with a bit of moisturizer can lighten the shade (in case it is not exactly the right one for you)

La Mav’s Organic BB Cream

And now I’d like to tell you a bit more about our BB Cream. LaMav’s Organic BB Cream even the skin tone and cover blemishes as well
as treats skin conditions such as acne blemishes, dryness and 
aging at the
same time, due to its concentration of skin brightening minerals and
vitamins. LaMav’s Organic BB Crème is a great choice and perfect for all skin
types, especially sensitive skin, because it is a completely organic product
free from all synthetic colours, fragrance and parabens. BB Cremes give an
instant brightness and ‘awake’ look to your face. They are popular, because
they are simple, but offer fantastic visible benefits.

LaMav’s Organic BB Crème acts as a natural sunscreen too so
you can rest assured that your skin is protected from the harmful UVA and UVB
rays of the sun.

BB cremes usually come in three standard colours, for fair
skin, medium skin tones and darker skin tones, but
La Mav’s Organic BB Creme comes
in one standard color due to a special skin color adaptive formula, meaning you
will have the perfect colour guaranteed!

Lamav’s Organic BB Crème is suited for both oily and dry
skins as it offers 24 hour moisturisation, but also controls excess oil as it
is completely mattifying ensuring a shine-free finish. 


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