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Beauty From The Inside Out With Brigid Sandell

Beauty From The Inside Out With Brigid Sandell

Self-love: How Beauty From Within Creates Beauty On The Outside

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to interview Brigid Sandell from Create Love Heal (if you haven’t checked the interview yet, you can read it here).

This week we decided to invite her to share with our readers her wisdom on the subject of self-love and beauty… 

Beauty is perceived as many different things – physical beauty, soulful beauty, inner beauty. It is multidimensional and complicated by society, magazines and the beauty industry.

We are led to believe that beauty is external and we all need perfect eyebrows, smooth skin, symmetrical features, glowing tan, no wrinkles or lines; the list goes on. We all fall victim to it, including me. Our vulnerabilities are played on for the sake of beauty sales.

For me, as I become more aware of my body, the message I portray to my children and others, as well as my age and health, I realize that true beauty is always soulful. Inner acceptance of your authentic, truest self-projects from your eyes into that reflection in the mirror. When you love WHO you are, not WHAT you are or HOW you look, your personal reflection is different. You suddenly see imperfections as beauty, flaws as life experience, you see how pliable and playful our faces and bodies can be. We simply become a canvas for personal expression rather than a perfect plastic model awaiting social acceptance.

“True beauty is always soulful.”

Inner beauty will always prevail and be captured in our smile, our eyes as they light up, our thoughts and our words…that is a true beauty.

What I love about green beauty products is the emphasis on health in conjuction with skin CARE. Yes, there will always be that aspect of covering up and beautifying yourself but I do hope that the general message taken is to amplify your current beauty rather than airbrush it away with a thick foundation and heavy contouring. It is about allowing yourself the fun of make up and feeling special. Much like art work. I believe it is perfectly normal to love make up and creating a “look”. I also happen to think it’s vital to love your bare face because that is your truest self, your canvas and your link to creativity.

I liken us to the ocean….often messy on the surface with breaking waves and uneven textures; but deeper than that there is perfection, housing mystical coral cities and exotic sea life. It is beautiful and endless; much like our soul – filled with passion, dreams and ideas, kindness, love and peace. These are beautiful.

Once these components are accepted and enjoyed it is effortless to love your external being.

In saying all of that, we cannot ignore our physical beings. We need to care for where our beauty is derived. Our inner health, our mental health, our external health. Food, water, exercise (both working out and working in) and good quality, natural skincare. These are the pillars to physical beauty.

“We need to care for where our beauty is derived.”

In Australia, we are so blessed to have access to good quality and mostly unaltered food, water and perfectly hand crafted therapeutic skincare. When we feed our bodies such food sources, move our bodies and treat our skin then we can only emanate health and beauty.

It is not hard to be beautiful. It is all in the eyes of the beholder.

The only eyes you need to concern yourself with are your own.

Thank you for the lovely post, Brigid! 

For more from Brigid, check out her blog and follow her on Instagram.



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