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Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Since the inception of the yoga fad into my everyday peripherals I have been thinking to myself- what’s the big deal with yoga anyway?

I can’t seem to comprehend how slow stretching movements can transform my completely average bod into one comparable to the Victoria Secret Angels. I decided to give it a go and dove straight into the deep end with Bikram Yoga.

My first thoughts of Bikram Yoga were, “why would anyone submit themselves to this torture!”. But after the first 15 minutes, instead of rolling myself up in my yoga matt, I discovered that I kind of liked it.

As someone who usually prefers to kill calories on the cross-trainer yoga was a new experience for me, and my body really thanked me for it. After the first couple of classes I started to notice that my asthma was improving and every time I walked out of the 6.30am class I had more energy than when I first wobbled out of bed.

Every Bikram Yoga class goes for 90-minutes and is made up of the same routine of 26 poses. Just when you think you’ve reached the point of no return in the difficulty level, you get to relax a bit in the floor poses.

I think that everyone has a lot to gain from practicing Bikram Yoga. If you can’t keep up with your normal workout due to an injury, or you’re ready to try something new than Bikram Yoga is probably for you.

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