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Complete Collections

Complete Collections

We know that finding products that work in synergy and give your skin everything that it needs is not always an easy task. Especially if you want them
to be all natural, organic, cruelty free and at the same time – truly effective.

This is why we’ve created
La Mav Complete Collections…

La Mav’s Complete Collections were specifically designed to
target the most common skin concerns that women have and to help your
skin heal on its own with the aid of restorative bio-active ingredients,
natural plant oils and potent phytochemicals.




Complete Collection for Dry/Sensitive Skin

Dry skin is characterized by lack of elasticity, firmness, vitality and glow. Dry skin is often irritated, flaky or dull and is really hard to take care of. It forms wrinkles easily and is more susceptible to damage, because its hydro-lipid barrier has lost its integrity. The Complete Collection for dry/sensitive skin and its
3 step skin restoring system will restore the normal moisture levels and make your face luminous, firm and smooth.

Step 1 includes a gentle creamy cleanser, followed by a soothing, redness-reducing facial mist. Step 2 will nourish and hydrate the face and the gentle area around the eyes, for radiant complexion throughout the entire day and flawless makeup application. Step 3 is for the time when your cells regenerate best – during the night. The rich nightly cream and the luxurious skin transforming elixir will help prevent the visible signs of aging, promoting elasticity and firmness and enhancing naturally your skin’s own restorative processes. 



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Complete Collection for Oily/Combination Skin

Oily/combination skin is defined by shiny T-zone, enlarged pores, hyper secretion of sebum, occasional (or constant) breakouts and sometimes even dehydration. The Complete Collection for oily/combination skin addresses all these concerns and prevent the appearance of blemishes, excess shine and clogged pores, thanks to the
3 step skin balancing system.

Step 1 includes a deeply purifying cleanser, followed by a pore-tightening, refreshing toner which will leave your skin perfectly clean and fully detoxed, ready to absorb the potent bio-actives from Step 2. Step 2 combines a highly concentrated serum and daily moisturizer to hydrate and lock the moisture inside the deeper layers of the skin, where it is most needed, for youthful and radiant appearance. Step 3 is your special nightly treat – light, yet ultra nourishing nightly cream followed by a luxurious skin healing nectar, formulated with carefully selected plant oils, to help you slow down the clock and keep wrinkles at bay. Divine experience for you and your senses!



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