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If the word “maca” is foreign to you or if you have heard the term, but aren’t too sure what exactly maca is, then this article is for you. Many of us rely on a caffeine boost in the morning to get our day started, but unfortunately caffeine comes with a few unpleasant side effects including nervousness and irritability, and those who suffer from anxiety have to stay away from caffeine (it intensifies anxiousness).

So, you ask, “If I give up that morning cuppa Joe then how am I expected to start the day on a good note?” One word: maca.

What Is Maca?

Maca is a root from Peru, a tuber similar to a potato. It is part of the broccoli, watercress and radish family and is wonderful for giving an instant energy boost to those suffering from low energy, without the unpleasant side effects of caffeine. It has an earthy taste with a nutty flavour, making it easy to consume.

Maca offers tremendous support to the body with its incredible array of vitamins and minerals that will greatly improve your health!

What Vitamins and Minerals Are Found In Maca?

Maca can be classified as super food and is rich in the energy-giving B-vitamins. It is a vegetarian source of vitamin B-12, which is a vitamin essential to vegetarians who consume no meat, in which the majority of B-12 is found. It also contains high levels of bioavailable calcium and magnesium essential for healthy bones and muscles.

The Amazing Benefits of Maca

Naturally, due to these high levels of nutrients, maca offers some fantastic health benefits. Apart from the amazing energy boost it provides, maca has been shown to improve fertility in both men and women and even increases sperm production in men.

 If you suffer from chronic migraines, maca powder won’t trigger one the way caffeine does, but rather reduce them by balancing fluctuating hormone levels related to migraine headaches.

 Maca will lower your blood pressure, help your body cope with stress and enhance memory as well as the ability to learn so make sure to include this in your diet during exam time!

 Boosts the hard work your pancreas does by regulating your blood sugar levels

 If you suffer from a thyroid condition then you should try maca as it helps with thyroid function as well as enhances wound healing!

 It contains an incredible 22 fatty acids as well as natural vitamin c and zinc, which will help to reduce and prevent colds and flu by boosting the immune system.

How Do You Consume Maca?

Maca is available in a powder, liquid, tablet, gelatin or capsule form depending on your preference and can be added to foods in a variety of ways if the powder or liquid form is your preferred method. To start your day right, add some maca powder or liquid to your breakfast smoothie for an energy boost that will last even longer than coffee, and this is just from one teaspoon! See our post about Smoothies vs Juices here

Maca is also very low in calories, as one teaspoon contains only 10 calories! Only one to two teaspoons are needed a day to gain all the health benefits of this miracle food. Maca powder can also be added to soups, stews or salads and is quite pleasant dues to its nutty taste.

Are There Any Side-Effects of Maca?

There are a few side-effects related to high doses of maca, none of which are toxic. Whilst high doses of caffeine can have a tension creating effect on the heart, maca rather has a relaxing effect on the heart. High doses may increase fertility in both men and women and some women have said that high doses increased their menstruation, whereas pre and post-menopausal women reported a relief in symptoms associated with menopause such as uncomfortable hot flashes. Also, consuming maca in high doses can cause some dehydration and increased potassium levels, which results in fatigue so make sure to drink lots of water!

Should I Incorporate Maca In My Diet?

With an array of phenomenal benefits and minimal and non-toxic side-effects, this is one super food you definitely want to get your hands on!

Have you ever tried Maca? Which superfoods do you make sure to include in your daily diet? Comment below and let us know your thoughts (and be automatically entered to win a free gift!)

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