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Homemade Remedy For Stretch Mark Removal

If you ask Wikipedia about stretch marks here is the answer you’ll get:

Stretch marks or striae, are a
form of scarring 
on the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused
by tearing of the dermis,
which over time may diminish, but will not disappear completely.

The presence of “scarring” and “tearing of the dermis” in one sentence
is enough to make any woman freak out. But are stretch marks really that scary? Why do
they appear? Is it true that once you get them, they are “yours” forever?
Are there any natural remedies to help your skin go back to its free-of-stretch-marks
state? Let’s find out!


What Are Stretch

Stretch marks, also known as “tiger stripes”, occur in the dermis of the
skin when your skin stretches abnormally for a longer period of time (abnormally
= more than its elastic fibers can handle). Even though our skin has the unique
ability to adjust to changes, if these changes happen over a shorter period of
time, our skin simply doesn’t not have enough time to “act accordingly”. Usually
this type of “abnormal stretching” is caused by rapid growth, rapid weight loss/gain
and, of course, as you all know – during pregnancy. The most common places
where stretch marks appear are the abdomen, the breasts, thighs, hips and
buttocks. Their color can vary from dark purple to white, depending on how recent/old
they are.

Some experts suggest that hormonal therapy, hormonal imbalance or stress,
can also lead to the appearance of stretch marks. The reason for this is that
high levels of cortisone can weaken the elastic fibers in the skin, reducing skin’s
ability to handle stretching. Frequent use of topical corticosteroids, is
another factor that can contribute to loss of elasticity and rupture of
collagen and elastin fibers.


Stretch marks are very common and they affect both men and women. Unfortunately,
women struggle with “tiger stripes” way more often than men. According to
statistics, more than 70% of the women deal with stretch marks at some point in
their life (well, at least, now you know that you are not alone –

Can You Get Rid Of Stretch

As much as I’d like to answer to this question with just “Yes” or “No”,
I can’t. The problem with stretch marks is that they are basically scars under
the skin. Since the cells of the dermis (where stretch marks are formed), do
not shed, like the epidermal cells, the process of regeneration is way slower. Nevertheless,
that doesn’t mean the battle with stretch marks is a lost cause.

Stretch marks are (unfortunately) almost impossible to get rid of, so the trick is to prevent getting them in the first place. 

Moisturising is key! Drinking water and proper hydration from the inside is important too, it’s the ultimate beauty food.
But, in the instance that you do happen to get yourself a stretch mark or two (most common after losing/gaining weight quickly or pregnancy) you might just have to go with the flow and embrace them – although don’t forget to keep smashing them with moisture to minimise their appearance. 

I’d recommend adding natural Vitamin E to your moisturising cream, using products with added Hyaluronic Acid (such an amazing moisture burst for your body) and keeping up with regular exfoliation (La Mav Coffee Scrub!) to remove excess build up of skin cells and reveal fresh new skin
 Yadira, CleanBeautyTalk

We are not going to promise you miracles, because getting rid of stretch
marks is a tough task, and we all know it, but we’ll share with you an effective,
all-natural recipe to help you in the fight against “tiger stripes”.

Our Natural Solution:
Homemade Stretch Mark Reducing Lotions

We’ve always believed that nature offers a remedy for every skin concern
that we can face and stretch marks are no exception. Nourishing plant oils in
combination with powerful antioxidants can help your skin maintain its
integrity, improve its overall appearance and increase the resistance of collagen
and elastin fibers. The only thing you need is patience – do not expect immediate
results, but be sure, that if you are persistent, you’ll start noticing the

So, let’s jump into the recipe!


The Recipe

  • glass jar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oi
  • 5 tbsp vitamin E oil
  • 5 tbsp cocoa butter
  • 5-6 drops essential oil of your choice*

Do not add essential oils if you are

Once you melt
the cocoa butter and the coconut oil, add the vitamin E oil and stir for a few minutes,
in order to make the mixture as homogenous as possible. Add 5-6 drops of your
favorite essential oil and stir for one minute more. Make sure you’ve tested the
essential oil on your skin beforehand (in diluted form), so you can minimize
the risk of getting allergic reaction – don’t forget that essential oils are
very concentrated and they have to be use with caution.

Once the
mixture is ready, put it into the glass jar and store it in the fridge or at
temperatures below 25 C degrees.

The best time
to apply the lotion is when you get out of the shower – this way your skin will
absorb it better. Always apply the lotion with gentle circular motion without
rubbing or pressing the skin harshly, because you risk causing further damage.

The Benefits

Since vitamin E greatly improves skin’s
elasticity, it’s highly recommended to people trying to get rid of/prevent
stretch marks. It aids the process of formation of new, healthy cells, hence
allows the skin to heal itself more rapidly. Apart from that,
vitamin E is one of the most potent antioxidants – it protects the skin cells,
as well as the collagen and the elastin fibers, and doesn’t allow free radicals
to damage them. Lastly, vitamins E is a natural preservative, and trust me – it
works way better than parabens and phenoxyethanol (which are toxic!).

Cocoa butter and coconut oil are excellent
moisturizer and have very good penetrating ability, which makes them ideal for
treating stretch marks (since they form under the epidermis). Both oils hydrate
and nourish the skin in depth, reducing the damage caused by stretching. Besides
that they are rich in essential fatty acids, which make them ideal for lubricating
the skin.

The best part about this lotion is that
it is 100% toxic-free and will not, in any way, harm your health (unlike many lotions
that are “promising the world” and cost fortune). 

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