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Easy Anti-Acne Recipe: Rice Paper Rolls

Easy Anti-Acne Recipe: Rice Paper Rolls

Olivia Jenkins’ Clear Skin Recipe: Rice Paper Rolls

Those of you who have had acne issue at least once in their life time know very well how annoying it can be. Acne is not just an aesthetic issue, it doesn’t affect only your self-esteem. It’s painful and unpleasant and it can cause other complications like 
scarring and spots that are quite heard to heal in the long run. Does that mean acne is a verdict? Not at all! Ask Olivia.  

Acne prone skin needs 2 things: gentle skincare product and a good, balanced diet. We can help with the first, but for the second part we’d love to refer to the specialist. Today we’ll share one very fresh and delicious recipe provided by the founder of the Clear Skin Project Olivia Jenkins that will take you one step closer to the acne-free skin. 

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Olivia started her Clear Skin journey after battling with severe 
acne for 5 years. Since seeing numerous doctors, changing antibiotics several and expensive creams didn’t work for her she decided it’s time to start making some day-to-day changes in her lifestyle. She turned to nature, because deep inside she knew that the holistic  approach is the key. She knew that the changes come from withing, that you if heal your body from the inside it will show on the outside. And she was right. 

Well, let’s see the recipe (I know some of you are already hungry).

Clear Skin Recipe: Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Paper Rolls make an
amazing clear skin meal idea, especially during the warmer months as they are
light, simple and refreshing!

There are many variations
you can try, so be creative with your filling choices adding all your favorite
fresh herbs and vegetables!


60g rice noodles or rice

8 rice paper sheets

8 cooked prawns,

2 lettuce leaves, chopped

1/2 avocado sliced

1 carrot, grated

1/4 cup water

1 tsp roasted peanuts

Fresh mint, chopped

Fresh coriander, chopped


1. Bring water to boil in a
medium saucepan and add rice noodles. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes or until al
dente, and drain. Rinse thoroughly so the noodles don’t stick together.

2. Fill a large, shallow
bowl with warm water. Dip one wrapper in the warm water for a few seconds to
soften. The wrapper does not need to be immersed in the water for too long as
it will become too soft and it will be more difficult to roll.

3. Lay the dipped wrapper on
a clean surface and place 2 prawn halves, a small handful of noodles, mint
coriander, sliced avocado, carrot and lettuce across the centre. Leaving around
5cm uncovered on each side.

4. Fold in uncovered sides
and tightly roll. Repeat steps for remaining rolls.

5. Enjoy!

PS. You can even make your
own dipping sauce using finely chopped garlic, soy sauce, peanuts and some
fresh limejuice!

Note: Avoid deep friend
ingredients that may trigger those pesky breakouts!


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