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As we grow older (and mature), our skin loses its youthful glow from dehydration and loss of elasticity. Wrinkles, age spots, and weather and tear replace that baby-soft skin that made us look so vibrant and carefree in our adolescence (oh the memories). If you’re on the hunt for a pick me up La Mav have a miracle product that will make your skin look so radiant that it will seem magically lit from within.

LA MAV CERTIFIED ORGANIC ANTIOXIDANT SKIN BOOSTER fakes that Hollywood flawless skin. From the moment of application you will enjoy an instant glow making your skin look younger even in the most unflattering light.

How does La MavCertified Organic Antioxidant Skin Booster Benefit the skin?

  • Anti-ageing Vitamin A, B5 and E improve skin hydration, tones and smooths to make you look naturally luminous
  • Antioxidant botanical extracts help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and can be used after laser treatments to improve uneven skin tone.
  • Key ingredients Certified Organic Rosehip, Macadamia, Bilberry seed, Acai and Avocado oils will help smooth fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.
  • Its high active ingredient content helps strength the skin to assist in elastic and collagen production which is what keeps the skin’s elasticity, smoothness, tone and beauty.
  • It’s aroma is divine as it is a nectar of 8 beautiful and beneficial flowers – Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Lavender, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa and Immortella.

La MavCertified Organic Antioxidant Skin Booster in Operation:

For best results and intensive nourishment use La Mav Certified Organic Antioxidant Skin Booster after cleansing and toning and prior to moisturising. Using a clean fingertip apply 2-3 drops onto the skin, gently massaging over face, neck and décolletage using small circular motions until completely absorbed. To help doubly maintain the skin’s moisture balance follow with La Mav Wrinkle Smoother Complex or La Mav Night Repair Formula.

All my family and fiends are now hooked on the Antioxidant Skin Booster – they can’t get enough of it (esp Michelle Cook). Within a few days of testing, my skin became so unbelievably firm, felt silky smooth and I was glowing like a teenager with a crush.

For regular beauty secrets to preserve your baby-face – check back to read my blog posts.

La Mav – fuelled with certified organic and anti ageing ingredients to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.