Posted on by Team La Mav

Have you ever wondered how some people just “glow?” They have that certain radiance about them, a spring in their step. While others always seem to have sullen, lifeless skin screaming for help.

There are many factors that contribute to a radiating, healthy body and all the best skin care products in the world cannot cover up years of neglect and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

We have all heard the mantra before, “You are what you eat.” But do many of us really believe it? Or is it a lack of education or a time issue that has us reaching for the easier, unhealthy option when it comes to food. In a busy (realistic) world, we have many hats to wear and so much to do in the limited time that we are given each day. Sometimes it’s just a miracle to get through the day and complete a number of tasks on our “To do list!”

So how can we improve our health and get that glowing complexion?
Just by adding a few simple principles to your daily choices can make the world of difference.

  • Organic – where possible, include organic fresh foods. As you know it’s grown without pesticides and it’s a lot better for you.
  • Blueberries – these guys are buzzing with anti-oxidants that search out free radicals within the body and neutralize them. They are quick and easy to have on hand.
  • Greens, Greens, Greens – leafy green vegies are living energy. Packed with vitamins, minerals and live enzymes, these are some of the best things you can eat.
  • Omega Fatty Acids – not only good for your brain, essential fatty acids are essential for good healthy cells and as your skin is the last frontier on the cell front, these good oils do wonders for your skin. They are found in oily fish, seeds and nuts like almonds, which are the perfect snack to keep in your handbag.

  • Breathe – take long deep breaths while visualizing the air coming in and out. This will help to relax and center you. Take 5 -10mins each day to practice.
  • Exercise – endorphins are those amazing “feel good” hormones that are released when we move. Take the stairs, have a brisk walk at lunch, run after the kids. No wonder kids are always laughing when they run and play!
  • Water – it’s free and it’s what makes the world go around. Water is vital for all life on earth. 6-8 glasses a day is vital to flush out toxins and impurities.
  • Love – being in love or doing things that you love also produce those feel good hormones that elate the body and lift your mood. Remember, no-one ever died from too much love.
  • Sleep – last but certainly not least, adequate amounts of sleep helps the body repair. Try for 8 hours a night.