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Add Extra Nourishment To Your Regular Cream With La Mav’s Nightly Nectars

Do you feel as if your daily/nightly cream is not nourishing
enough? Does your skin feel dry, tight and not moisturized in depth even after
applying rich amount of cream on your face? Do you miss the dewy look, the
healthy glow and the smooth velvety feeling? If you are experiencing any of
these we have a suggestion for you – one that is sure to solve all of your
problems and give you skin everything that is missing now. All you need to do is…add a drop of magical

Dry skin is not easy to take care of. I have very
dry skin and I know that when it comes to restoring it’s balance, things can get
complicated. Nevertheless, if you’re feeling that your skin nourished and hydrated enough after cream application, this doesn’t mean the cream you are using is bad. Not at all! If you like the cream you are using, you don’t have to change it (
as long as it’s organic, anyway!).

The good news is La Mav has a solution for all of you struggling
with dry, dehydrated, dull skin The Nightly Repair Nectars

Our nectars are
extremely concentrated and potent. They are formulated with precious floral oils and powerful bio-active components that act on cellular level, improving the overall condition of your skin. Even one drop is enough to turn one regular face cream into a miracle worker!

The nectars come in 3 varieties:

1. Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar
(for normal skin or red/inflamed skin)

2. Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar
(for very dry and/or sensitive skin)

3. Vit-C Advance Nightly Repair Nectar
(for combination skin or sun damaged/uneven skin)

Now, to the point. How to prepare the skin-transforming “magical mixture”? Just add a drop of the nectar to your cream and apply on the skin, massaging gently, until fully absorbed. You can add it to both your daily and your nightly cream.

Now you can enjoy you fully restored, radiant, healthy skin! 

Let me know if adding a nectar to your creme has helped your skin!  Also, if you liked this post let us know by sharing it!