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Choosing The Safest Skincare During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Most pregnant women, and those who are already breastfeeding, know that the way they eat (in particular, what they eat) during
pregnancy affects the development of the fetus. Same applies to what you put on your skin. The skin is
the largest organ in your body and almost everything that goes on it goes
inside your body, as well. At the same time, finding pregnancy friendly skin
care products is not an easy task, since the market is flooded with products “screaming”
bio, natural and safe! Apart from that, you are not supposed to be
ingredient safety expert – there are enough of them out there already. What you
need to do is sit down for a few hours, read through some articles, sort out
the information and make your own decision. 

Skin Changes And Pregnancy

First of all
we have to talk a bit about the changes that happen in your body and the way they
affect the condition of your skin. As you probably already know, the hormone
alterations during pregnancy do not only affect your mood. If, all of a sudden,
you skin gets oilier or you start spotting acne breakouts – don’t worry!
These changes are hormone induced and your skin will most probably go back to
its normal state in up to a year after you give birth. Nevertheless, it is
important to act in accordance with the changes and reorganize your skin care
routine, if necessary.

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common issue that mothers face is hyperpigmentation (most often after
delivering their baby). Dealing with dark spots, uneven skin tone and dull complexion can be really unpleasant and truth be told – they are not easy to get rid of. But even
though it may seem as if they are there to stay, I can assure you that picking the right products will
make a huge difference (we’ll talk about it later).

Ingredients To Avoid During Pregnancy


I know that
here is where most future moms get really confused. The information about
ingredient safety, available on the net, varies from “Stay away from it! It’s
super dangerous!” to “There is not enough evidence that ingredient X is
harmful, thus you can use it”, but think about it that way – even if there isn’t
enough data supporting the statement that product X is potentially dangerous
for your health, often, there isn’t enough data supporting the opposite claim,
either. Do you think these concerns came out of nowhere, in the first place? It
might be one single study, but since someone decided to investigate the
possible negative effects of ingredient X on the human health, there should be
a reason for that. Obviously there was something wrong. It’s up to you to
decide, but I believe you’ll agree – 
better safe, than sorry


Okay, but
what to avoid? Here is a short list of (controversial, some would say)
ingredients that you’d better avoid while carrying your baby:

Here it’s
also worth mentioning the use of essential oils during pregnancy (probably,
you’ve already read a lot about that). While it is true that it’s not
recommended to inhale them (refrring to aromatherapy) or apply them directly on your skin, because they
can interfere with the normal development of the fetus, it is their concentration that should be taken into consideration. For example, essential
oils are widely used in the manufacturing of organic skin care products (as
alternative of the artificial fragrances and also as 
natural preservatives),
but almost always, in very low concentrations, which makes the products
perfectly safe for use.

Why “Organic” is not just a trendy

When most
people hear the term “organic” they often associate it with “natural” and
consider both words to be equivalent, in terms of their meaning, however this
is not the case. While any company can label its products as natural and bio (even
if they contain chemicals), there are strict regulations for all manufacturers
that want their products to carry the “organic” label. What is organic then,
you may ask? Organic products contain ingredients derived from plants, that are
grown in pesticide and hormone free environment, which means no harmful
substances will enter your body. And the best part is – they are just as effective,
as they are gentle and safe! 

How to pick the right products

If you are
one of those “lucky” future moms that is wondering what to do with her oily
skin (that, a few months ago, was just fine) let’s go through some simple
rules. Don’t over-wash it and don’t use harsh cleansing products – this will
make the already greasy situation, even worse. 
Exfoliate your skin at least 1
time a week for more glow and more even skin surface. Hydrate daily, to help your
skin stay moist and healthy looking (it’s not true that oily skin doesn’t need
moisture). If your oiliness is “accompanied” by 
acne breakouts, try using
products that contain mild natural acids, clay or tea tree essential oils.



La Mav Purify & Clean Range is
designed to prep, cleanse and exfoliate combination, oily or normal skin
types. It effectively cleanses, detoxes, exfoliates and purifies
without stripping sebum (sebum is your body’s natural skin protection).
Our Purify & Clean range is formulated with potent ingredients to
achieve balance in blemish-prone skin without the harshness of strong
chemicals, leaving you with fresh, clean skin without excessive dryness.

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In case you
are struggling with post birth 
hyperpigmentation I’d recommend choosing
products that contain vitamin C and once again – mild natural acids. 
Vitamin C will lighten
your skin and at the same time will improve its elasticity. Regular exfoliation is a
must – 2 times a week, preferably (over doing it won’t speed up the results, so be careful). Facial scrubs remove the dead cells, allowing
the new, healthy ones to emerge on the surface of your skin. Not only that –
exfoliation stimulates cell turnover, improves the blood flow, thus the nutrition
supply and makes your skin radiant. 

La Mav Skin-Brightening range includes
powerful bio-actives targeted specifically to even skin tone, texture
and promote radiance while reducing the appearance of spots, sun damage,
and other blemishes.
Rumex occidentalis extract, Vitamin C, Bearberry extract, Glabradin (from Licorice Root extract), and Cassia alata leaf
extract are key ingredients in the range that have scientifically
proven effects on skin clarity and texture. When used together,
products in this range offer a synergistic skin brightening effect that
is quickly noticeable and improves with continued use. Formulated for
use on all skin types, this range is perfect for use on skin with sun
and lifestyle damage. 

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