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Find Your Skin Tone
and Work Your Color

Time to love (and correctly identify) the skin you’re in!

This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know
about undertones, finding your skin tone “season,” and how to work your unique
look. Knowledge of the color wheel (and where you fit on the spectrum) will
help you to dress and apply makeup that suits your individual coloring. Here’s
how to work your skin tone to your advantage.

Skin-tone awareness enables you to highlight your best
features. First thing’s first, snap a quick selfie (or dig one out of your
archives), preferably in natural lighting, and let’s get started!




Are You Warm or Are You Cool?

Here’s an easy test. Take a piece of plain white paper or a
white t-shirt and hold it next to your face. Now take an off-white item and do
the same. Which looks better? If you said white, you have cool undertones. If
you said off-white, you have warm undertones.


Another test: go outside and look at the veins on your
wrist. If your veins are blueish, then you have cool undertones. If they have a
greenish hue, you’re warm.

Still confused? Which color jewelry looks better on you,
gold or silver? If it’s silver, you’re cool. Gold, you have warm undertones.



High or Low Contrast


This step is pretty intuitive. It should help you find your
color season.

Take a look in the mirror. Is your skin color much different
from your hair or eye color?

Clear contrast insinuates there’s a distinct difference
between your skin tone and eye color/hair color. Little contrast means you’re
“muted contrast.”

(Example: blondes with golden skin have muted contrast. Black
hair and light olive skin tone exemplifies high contrast.)

Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s determine your color


Skin Temperature and Contrast: Create Your Color Season

  • Warm plus high contrast means that you’re a Spring! You
    look fetching in pastels, but high contrast isn’t your strong suit. Keep it
  • Warm plus low contrast makes you an Autumn! Think earth
    tones and deep jewel hues. And if you are a woman of color, you can wear more
    shades than most! Neon pink is no problem for you!
  • Cool plus high contrast! You’re cold as ice, a Winter!
    Like Autumn people, you stun in jewel tones. And you can pull of even higher
    contrast looks. Be bold. You can definitely pull it off. (Note: neutrals might
    not be so flattering. They have a tendency to wash you out.)
  • Cool plus low contrast makes you a Summer! You can get
    away with neutrals and bright colors look marvelous on you. Think any hue that
    suggests a tropical excursion.


A Word About “Beauty Rules”

The above descriptions are just guidelines. Feel free to
break the rules as you see fit. Life is too short not to wear your favorite
color, even if you’re a Summer but love colors suited for a Winter. 


Ways to Work Your Season

Knowing your tone and season can help you in all sorts of

  • Picking out wedding colors and backdrops — make sure
    the flowers flatter.
  • Painting a room — can create a soothing, harmonious
  • Dying your hair a new color — look flawless and
  • Picking out jewelry for yourself (or someone you love)
    — it’ll look made for them.
  • Buying a new shade of lipstick or blush — find your
    perfect shade!

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