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How To: Dewy Makeup Look

How To: Dewy Makeup Look

How To
Achieve a Dewy Looking Skin

one thing that I’ve always been fascinated with is how makeup can make you look
at least 5 years younger (especially, if you know how to apply it properly).

are the first 3 things that come to your mind when you picture the face of a
young woman? Natural glow, rosy check, dewy looking skin.. Ah, that dewy looking skin! As if every cell on
her is full of fresh water!

you feel you are getting older or your skin simply lacks luster, let us share some basic (but
essential) makeup tips to help you get the glow back on your face!

Make Time For A Facial Mask

well formulated, facial masks can make tremendous difference in the way your
skin feels and looks. Applying a rich, hydrating mask takes less than 10
minutes but the effects are stunning. While you wait for the mask to work its
magic, you can indulge on a cup of tea or a bar of organic chocolate –
“The Best Relaxing Beauty Ritual!” (actually,
I am just looking for excuses to have some chocolate)

you are done with the chocolate part, wash off the mask with lukewarm water and
tap dry gently, with a cotton cloth. You’ll feel your skin softer, smoother and
definitely – more luminous!

What To Try


La Mav’s DNA Phyto-Guard Pink Clay Mask re-hydrates the skin while gently exfoliating to reveal a radiant and evenly-toned complexion! Our Pink Clay Mask is formulated with Pink Clay and Moringa Seed Extract to absorb impurities and deeply cleanse the pores, withdraw toxins, and leave the skin smooth and purified. The restorative powers of Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn and Acai Oil in this mask increase moisture-retention and skin suppleness.

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Try Vitamin C Enriched Moisturizers

The secret to dewy skin is not just in makeup – it’s your skin. So, first things first – moisturize. Delivering
water to the deepest layers of the skin and locking the moisture in is
essential, if you aim for fresh and radiant finish.

When I am trying to achieve luminous
look, I turn to hydrating products enriched with vitamin C. Vitamin C evens the
skin tone, brightens your complexion and illuminates beautifully. Besides that it boots collagen production and improves skin’s elasticity and firmness. True miracle worker!

What To Try


The Rumex Advanced Lightening Day Cream is ultra-rich crème that works to reduce the appearance of discoloration and pigmentation. Enriched with Licorice root, Rumex occidentalis and Vitamin C this creme delivers intensive and proven lightening and brightening benefits leaving skin a noticeably smoother and healthier in appearance.

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Did You Prime Today?

flawless makeup application, you need perfect base. Applying primer is not a
must, but it’s always a plus, because it helps your makeup stay where you’ve put it (i.e. on your face), and to stay there till the end of the day. Apart
from that, primers smooth out tiny imperfections, fill in enlarged pores and
leave you with canvas, ready to turn into masterpiece.

case you are a lazy princess or
type of person, BB creams are for you! They work as primer, moisturizer and
foundation (providing light to medium coverage).

They save you time and money!

What To Try


La Mav Organic BB Crème is the ultimate multi-tasker and must have product for your makeup bag. Apart from being the perfect colour-balancing makeup base, La Mav Organic BB Crème also provides strong anti-ageing benefits and natural protection from the sun, all whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. 

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Note: If you have oily skin, applying
primer (a mattifying one) is strongly recommended. I believe you will
agree that shiny-T-zone-in-the-middle-of-the-day has nothing to do with the
dewy look. The market offers a great variety of products, created to provide
shine-free look, from dusk till dawn. Give them a go!

If you care about your skin and your body, always choose organic! Do
not pollute your body with toxins, harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and dangerous
preservatives! Remember, 
Healthy skin is
happy skin!
And happy skin is always beautiful!

Brighten Those Eyes

shimmery champagne eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes is the best way
(and the oldest trick) to “wake them up” and to add luminosity to your look.
Light shades make your eyes appear bigger and your look brighter.

upper part of the brow bone also deserves some attention – use light eye shadow
there, as well. Highlighting the brow bone will:

  • lift up your brows
  • open the entire eye area 
  • makes your beautiful eyes pop

Note: For best results – highlight
the entire area under the brow, not just the outer part.

What To Try

La Mav Vegan Eye Shadows are free of fillers, toxins, talc and preservatives! These gorgeous multi-purpose eye shadows are made of pure minerals, rich in pigment for smooth and even application.
All-natural and 100% cruelty-free!

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How to Highlight The Rest Of Your

I was to take only one makeup item on a deserted island (
Who wears makeup on a deserted island, anyways?!… Well,I do.) that would definitely be my

almighty highlighter is the most precious items in the makeup bag of a girl. It
has the power to wake up even the most lifeless, dull-looking skin and
illuminate the most grey-ish complexion. If applied on the right places,
though. Otherwise, you risk ending looking like a sparkling Christmas tree. Not

experts suggest focusing on the following areas of your face, when you get to

  • Top of cheekbones* (to bring out your cheekbones and add natural glow)

    *this area of the face is where the light usually strikes, hence the glow looks
    more natural
  • Bridge of nose (a visual trick to make your nose appear
    smaller and straighter)
  • Cupid’s bow (for plumper looking lips)
  • Center of forehead (brings dimension to your face)
  • Bottom of chin (to accentuate your chin and your lips)

Note: Because of their sparkling/shimmery
particles, highlighters tend to accentuate imperfections. Avoid applying
highlighter over areas of your face where there are blemishes, scars or dry

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