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5 Lifestyle Changes To Help You Fight Fatigue Off

You know those days, when all we want to
do is curl up in bed and sleep, forgetting that the rest of the world exists… Those
days when you choose to ignore a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, your
messy room and that assignment that you’ve been postponing finishing for 3 weeks now? With
today’s hectic schedules, we are all overwhelmed with responsibilities, and
trying to juggle them all simultaneously not rarely leads to fatigue. Fatigue
is no longer a problem associated with the turning of the seasons, but it has
become a part of our normal life. Often mistaken for laziness, it is actually a
very serious condition that creeps into our lives unnoticed, to interfere with
our jobs and personal relationships. If you feel that fatigue is dragging you
down, here are some simple natural remedies to fight it back.

Keep Moving

The last thing you might want to do when
you are feeling tired is to exercise. It may even sound counterintuitive. But
have you noticed that when you are sick and you lie in bed all day, after a day
or two you feel even more sluggish? Your head feels fuzzy and your body aches.
It is the same with fatigue. You need some activity that will have the opposite
effect from resting. Sometimes all it takes is a dose of fresh air and a short
stroll to rejuvenate you. Start with a 10 minute walk every day and you will
soon notice the changes in your mood. Even if you are tired after the walk,
physical exercise releases endorphins in your body, improving your overall
sense of well-being, while blocking the feelings of gloom and depression.

Stress by Breathing

Try to meditate and learn how to breathe
correctly. Deep breathing techniques that are an integral part of 
yoga and meditation
are an excellent anti-stress therapy. It may take you some time to mastering the “art of breathing” and meditation, but don’t give
up – it will change your life!

a Tech Time-Out

Technology is among the worst energy-draining
villains. It is hard to avoid it, since most of our work is tech related. However, try to find some time during the
day to “unplug” yourself. Leave your emails unread and turn off your phone.
Perhaps you could use lunch time as a tech-free time window. The work will
still be there when you get back, but you will have more energy to deal with
it. Enjoy your meal!

Optimize Your Diet

If you want to stop feeling drained, make
sure that your diet supplies your body with enough iron and magnesium. Without
iron, your body cannot produce enough red blood cells, and without enough red
blood cells oxygen cannot be carried throughout your body. A lack of oxygen, as
you might imagine, has a negative effect on your vital functions, which often
manifests as fatigue. 
Drinking a cup of nettle tea two times a day can help
replenish iron levels. Nettle is also rich in vitamin C, which promotes the
absorption of non-heme iron (i.e. the iron found in plants).

Magnesium is essential for both the nervous
system and the muscles. Dark leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, fish, and
bananas are all rich sources of magnesium. Ever wondered why Popeye loved
spinach so much? While it will not give you superpowers (nor Popeye’s muscles),
spinach is rich in iron, and can increase red blood cell count. It also
provides 39% of the recommended daily dosage of magnesium. One cup of spinach a
day, fresh or cooked, and you can wave fatigue goodbye.

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Rehydrate Your Body

Fatigue is one of the first signs that your
body is dehydrated. To stave fatigue off, do not wait until you are thirsty but
sip water all day long. Water will not only bring your energy levels up, but
will also boost your immune system and help you get smoother skin. Keep alcohol
to a minimum, though. It depresses your central nervous system and makes you feel

Keep in mind that fatigue is a very tricky
thing and sometimes hard to overcome. Recognizing that the problem exists is
just half of the solution. The other half requires you to take some action and
make some changes in your lifestyle – with determination and strong will, you
will overcome it!

Do you have trouble fighting fatigue? What
are your tricks to keep your energy levels up? Tell us in the comments below!

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