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Why Do My Eyes Get Wrinkles So Easily?

While it is true that we all age, it is also true that 
we age differently.One thing, though, that we all have in common is that the first
signs of the years that have passed, often show up around our eyes. No matter if these wrinkles have formed as a result of the incredible smile that is constantly shining on
your face or because you stress out and/or you frown way too much, having fine (or not
so fine) lines around your eyes is not nice.
Ever wondered why
this is the first place where the years leave their marks? Let’s find out!

Why is the skin around my eyes so thin?

The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate and
due to the fact that there are no oil glands in this area of the face, it is
prone to dryness and
more likely to get wrinkly. Here is it important to note that the skin around
the eyes is not always the same as the skin of the rest of our face in terms of
dryness/oiliness, sensitivity,
elasticity, etc, which is why sometimes we get our first wrinkles exactly

Why does the skin around my eyes get wrinkles first?

Because your facial muscles move. As simple as that. Whether
you smile, yawn, frown or just squint, in all cases you stretch the skin that
covers the facial muscles. If this skin is not 
well hydrated and it
has lost its elasticity, it gets wrinkly more easily. 

7 Causes of Under Eye Wrinkles

  1. Smoking
  2. Bad diet
  3. Dehydration
  4. Excessive sun exposure
  5. Going to bed with your makeup on
  6. Not getting enough sleep
  7. Frowning too much! C’mon, smile, it can’t be that bad!

How do I prevent wrinkles around my eyes?

Hydration and sun protection. A good moisturizer and
sunscreen is all you need to protect the delicate area around the eyes and to keep wrinkles at bay. There are certain rules in beauty that are proven to work
overtime and if you follow them you are sure to have good looking, healthy and youthful skin.
“Hydrate &
protect” is one of them and we highly recommend to stick to it.

Oh, and not to forget – wear sunglasses. This way the
sun won’t be blinding you and you won’t squint all the time. Simple, yet
effective trick to reduce the appearance of lines around your eyes.

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How To Choose Eye Cream & How To Apply It?

Many say that eye creams are nothing more than regular moisturizer in smaller  bottles that are marketed very well. I disagree. If the skin around your eyes is drier/oilier than the rest of your face this means you need a special product for it – your regular moisturizer definitely won’t work. Make sense, doesn’t it? 

If the skin around your eyes is dry, you will need a rich, deeply nourishing cream, to keep it hydrated and supple. If the skin around your eyes is oily, a light gel or serum, one that gets easily absorbed and doesn’t leave greasy residues, will be more than enough. 

Regarding application, the main rule is:
Be gentle! The skin around the eyes is thin and very delicate, hence more likely to get damaged under the influence of external factors. Always apply eye cream with your ring finger (as it is the weakest one) and massage/dab gently, until fully absorbed. Simple rules to follow, that are sure to give you great results and wrinkle-free skin.

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