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What Is The Right Order To Layer Skin Care Products?

One of the most common questions we get from customer is
“What is right order to apply skin care
. Having in mind that we use an average of 5 skin care items every
day, it doesn’t surprise me that women get confused about which product goes
when. Because we want to help you get the best of your skin care routine, today
we’ll share with you a short guide, covering the essential rules of product


First things first –
before you start applying anything on
your face, you have to make sure it’s perfectly clean
. Regardless of whether
you wear makeup or not, cleansing your face at least once per day is a must. If
you don’t feel the necessity to cleanse in the morning, running a cotton pad
soaked in toner or micellar water, all over your face, is more than enough to
refresh it and prepare it to absorb all the goodness from your favorite serum/moisturizer.

Facial Scrub

I am not going to explain 
why exfoliation is super important, because we have already talked about this many times. What I am
going to say is that I strongly recommend exfoliating at least 2 times a week,
always after cleansing, and preferably followed by facial mask – one that meets
the needs of your skin i.e. detoxifying, deeply cleansing, hydrating, nourishing,
etc. You can exfoliate in the morning or in the evening – truth be told, there is
best timing to do it.

Facial Mask

Just like facial scrubs, facial masks are not skin care
items that you’d use daily. Not that you can’t use them daily (you can, if you want), but they are
considered more of
a skin care ritual – one that you indulge on every once in a
while, when you have some spare time for yourself and you feel your skin needs
some extra pampering.
Masks should be applied after you’ve exfoliated – when you
exfoliate your skin, you remove the uppermost layer of dead cells from skin’s
surface and allow 
the magical ingredients from the mask to be absorbed fully.

Facial Toner/Facial Mist

Toners are another skin care item that is not a must, but it’s
definitely a plus if you include it in your beauty routine, because it can
benefit the skin in many different ways. 
Toners go
before serums and after cleansing (or after facial mask, in case it’s
one of those days, when you decided to do
and you went for cleansing+exfoliation+facial mask)


Since serums are very lightweight and often have watery texture,
they soak into the pretty fast, which is why they go
before your moisturizer. The
general rule for applying skin care products says: “From thin to thick”.

Eye Cream/Eye Gel

The rule of thumb is: eye creams go after the serum. Eye
cream has to be applied gently, as the skin around the eyes is thin and very
delicate. You can dab it, pat it or massage it, just be gentle.

When it comes to taking the best of your skin care routine, it’s important to pay attention to what’s in the products you are using. 
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After you are done applying serum and eye cream, it’s time
for moisturizer
. Moisturizers provide additional hydration and nourishment. During
the day, we strongly recommend using moisturizer with SPF 20-30. Make sure to pick moisturizer that suits your skin type.


If your daily moisturizer doesn’t have 
SPF, we’d recommend applying sunscreen after you are done moisturizing, because… premature aging is not cool. And you know what causes premature aging? – Going out without applying product with SPF. We are sure you don’t want wrinkles and dark spots, so – don’t forget to layer some sunscreen on your face before you leave home.

Facial Oils

Facial oils are normally part of your nightly beauty routine
and according to the experts they should follow your nightly cream (basically
they are the last thing you apply on your face, before you go to bed). Don’t go
overboard with 
facial oils, because usually they are quite concentrated, and if
you overdo them, you risk getting clogged pores.

PS: Another question we get asked quite often is, whether
you need to wait some time between applying the different products that are
part of your beauty regimen. The answer to this question is – no. When products
are formulated well, they soak into the skin immediately, doesn’t leave greasy
residues and do not interfere with the absorption of the rest of the items that
are part of your skin care routine.

We hope you’ve found
this article helpful! If you have any additional questions, let us know in the
comments below!

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