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How To Handle Sensitive Skin

How To Handle Sensitive Skin

4 Essential Tips For Sensitive Skin

If I tell
you that more than 50% of the women struggle with hyper sensitive skin at some
point in their lives, probably it won’t surprise you. It’s highly likely that
you fall into these 50% since you are reading this article. Feels better to
know you are not alone, doesn’t it?

Are you fed
up with dealing with constant redness, burning sensation, dry patches and flakiness?
If you don’t know how to handle your skin anymore, let us help with some
practical tips that are easy to apply on day-to-day basis and are sure to help your skin feel (and look) better.

Less Is More

If you believe in the common saying that 
“you can never have too much of a good thing” I’m sorry to disappoint you, but actually – you can. Just like
anything else that you use more than needed, 
applying too many skin care products can have the opposite effect to the one you desire.

New York
City dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD says:
are very committed to caring for their skin, but they’re often diagnosing
themselves with new issues and use so many new products to solve them that they
develop irritation,”

The rule of
thumb is – not more than three products to be applied at once, otherwise you risk
ending with red, itchy bumps that are actually your skin telling you “I’ve had
enough. Please stop!”. 

Note: Don’t forget that skin care products loaded with chemicals can do more harm than good, so always choose natural and organic! Your skin will thank you for that!

heck Your Facial Cleanser

Does your
skin feel too dry and tight after cleansing? Does your face turns red, after
you take your makeup off? Chances are the cleanser you are using is full of
strong chemical agents that break down the natural lipids of your skin and
irritate it to a point where even touching it feels unpleasant.

Note: Over-exfoliating can be just as bad, because you risk compromising your
skin’s integrity and make it more vulnerable for external aggressors.

SLS (sodium
laureth sulfate) and SLES (sodium lauryl ester sulfate), in spite of being the
most widely used detergents in the skin care industry, are strong irritants
and, as you can guess, are super bad for your skin. Not only they dry it out
and increase its sensitivity, but are also suspected to cause endocrine

there are many alternatives i.e compounds with natural/organic origin that
cleanse just as well and are 100% safe. Next time, when you go on a hunt for a
new cleanser, don’t forget to read the labels and Google the ingredients. It
takes a few minutes, but pays off in the long run.

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Get Samples First

Even if a
product is labeled “hypoallergenic” or “suitable for sensitive skin” that still
doesn’t mean anything. We are all different and so is the way our skin reacts
to personal care products. What works for me, may not work for you (even if
both of us have hypersensitive skin). Every time you can, get a sample of the
product you are planning to purchase/buy, so you can trial it before going for
full size. This will save you money and will allow you to see whether your skin
“gets along with” the new product or not. Because throwing away your new facial
serum, worth $80, after it gave you a terrible rash, is not cool. We’ve
all been there and we know its very disappointing.

Go Fragrance-free For a While

Fragrances are
among the most widely used substances suspected for increasing skin’s
sensitivity and are probably the first thing I’d recommend you to to ditch out
of your beauty routine (not forever, but at least for a while, until you find
what really irritates your skin).

Strong artificial
scents can cause contact dermatitis and rashes that take weeks to go away.
Don’t allow yourself to be tempted by the nice smell of a product. Better to have
healthy, good looking skin than to indulge on a
perfumy smell for 1 minute, while you are applying your new face
cream. Don’t you agree? 

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