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How to Heal Eczema Naturally

How to Heal Eczema Naturally

Natural Ways To Deal With Eczema

I’ve never personally experienced having
eczema, but just reading about it makes me want to find an instant cure for it!
My friend’s baby girl has eczema, and when I see her little baby, my heart
breaks. Though dealing with eczema is tough I am convinced that we don’t always
need to resort to strong medicine, corticosteroids and other
not-so-healthy-treatment alternatives in order to maintain our skin healthy. There are great
natural remedies that not only provide some relief but can help your skin
restore its balance. With some minor lifestyle changes, persistence and 
the right plant oils, you can see great improvement in no time! Let us tell you how…

Try Sweet
Almond Oil

The basic symptoms of eczema, as most of
you know, are 
dry and itchy skin. To make matters worse, scratching the
affected area can cause skin to break and eventually lead to infections. 
Sweet almond oil can relieves itching and irritation by restoring skin’s disrupted lipid
barrier, thus improving the absorption and retention of moisture. It can be
applied to dry skin liberally, when needed. Alternatively, you can use it before
taking a bath – when spread all over the body it serves as protective barrier that
reduces the drying effects hot water has on your skin.

Another great natural remedy, with powerful
anti-inflammatory and skin restorative properties, is 
Tamanu oil. Tamanu oil speeds
up tissue regeneration and reduces the risk of infections. No wonder they call
it the “natural healer”.

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The #1 rule to remember when you have
eczema is:
always keep your skin
. Well-moisturized skin will feel softer and less itchy, which
will reduce your urge to scratch. Nevertheless, since with eczema your skin is
extra sensitive, you can’t just choose any body moisturizer. Most products
available on the market are formulated with artificial fragrances, 
petrochemicals and dangerous preservatives – all suspected to be strong irritants.

If you really want to help your skin heal,
it’s essential to opt for products that are natural or organic. Nature has a
lot to offer in terms of soothing, restorative and moisturizing bio-active ingredients,
so make sure to read the labels carefully and pick wisely.


For SLS-free Cleansers

If your cleanser foams a lot, chances are
it contains SLS or another aggressive foaming agent. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a compound, widely used in the formulation of facial cleansers, shampoos, shower gels, toothpastes,
soaps, detergents, etc. Though many manufacturers prefer it among other foaming agents (because it’s cheap) there are several downsides of using it daily, like – increased skin irritability, dryness, endocrine system disruptions, etc. The list goes on, but we’ll discuss that in another post.. 

Even though, you might not like the idea of using
SLS-free cleansers, as they don’t foam and won’t leave you with a squeaky-clean
feeling, if you have dry skin,
“squeaky-clean” is a no-no for you. SLS breaks down the natural lips your skin produces and make it even more dehydrated and prone to forming dry patches. 

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Formulated with Bio-Flavonoids, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter this gentle cleanser moisturize and soothes to reveal a clear, bright, smooth skin.

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Your Diet

Simple as it sounds, the key to keeping
eczema at bay is avoiding foods that make it worse. I know that it might seem
impossible to pinpoint a specific trigger, but keeping a diary of everything
you eat, changes in your diet, and when you start getting the symptoms might
help you find out what foods to avoid. Even though eczema has common symptoms
that all people struggling with it experience, still, it varies from person to
person. Known triggers are processed
food, dairy products, alcohol and gluten.

It’s not all about what not to eat, though.If you have eczema, add more foods rich in omega-3 to your diet as they help reduce inflammation
and allergic reactions. Salmon, nuts and avocado are great sources of essential fatty acids.

an Oatmeal Bath

If you are having one of those days when
nothing seems to work, maybe an 
old-fashioned oatmeal bath is what you need.
The anti-inflammatory properties of oatmeal might give you the relief that
you’ve been longing for. Place a cup of oatmeal in a muslin cloth, tie it on
your tub faucet so that the water hits the oatmeal when filling the tub. Soak
in the oatmeal bath for 10 minutes. Oats are super soothing and they calm down
the itchiness immediately. The best thing about them – they are 100% natural!

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